Love Is A Battlefield

The ones who love me most run away the fastest!

After Josina Burgess made me an orfan CARP was dead in a year. When Wirxli Flimflam came too close his suicide was not a surprise. When Igor Ballyhoo betrayed me with Flora Nordenskiold no trace of him was found anymore and she is in a institution somewhere picking up writing as a therapy again after a severe nervous breakdown. When DanCoyote Antonelli was trying to prove he was sooooo smart I kicked him out of the LEA board and Solo Mornington is just alive as we have to keep in practice how to deal with these kind of idiots. And now we are standing at the graves of poor Pirats who not so long ago wanted to send a lawyer to me because I made fun of them in an innocent machinima.

Now these guys kill themselves, but not before they want to get the credits for all the good work they have done. They banned and they were the greatest ones in putting frames around screensaver art. They were also the megalomaniac builders who always found their own buildings more important than the artists who had to exhibit in it and they never could resist to make themselves as hosts more important than their protégés. When you try to help them out to make their openings real performance events they could do nothing else then to find as quick as possible the ban, eject and kill button, and went crying to the bosses of LINDEN or LEA…but….I already miss them. (grabbing a Kleenex).

We announce the cessation of PiRats exhibitions on Second Life.

We thank all the artists for their work has enabled the group to be a fabulous network of artists, permitting the art to spread across borders and cultures.

We also thank all the visitors, who through their loyalty, have permitted artists, during these four years, to share their work, their messages, their sensitivities.

PiRats does not disappear. We will have the opportunity to meet during off projects, where art will always at first place.

Good luck to all.

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