Burn Baby Burn

Kandinsky Beaumont won a plot on the Burn2 sim, but when she wanted to add me to her building team there was a little problem…

Is this a case for my lawyer Bock McMillan?

Ladyslipper Constantine: Kandi, this might take awhile.  Saveme oh was banned from Burn2 sims last yar and while I was told I was estate owner here, I’ve not been added to that function yet so I can’t see if she’s still on the list.  Do you badly need her to help with your build?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes

Kandinsky Beaumont: can Gemma decide this?

Kandinsky Beaumont: this is not last year anymore : ))

Kandinsky Beaumont: Is she banned forever?

Ladyslipper Constantine: that is what I’m checking and no Gemma can’t decide this, which is why she asked me.

Kandinsky Beaumont: who can decide?

Ladyslipper Constantine: I just sent an email to one who knows and she will get back to me asap.

Ladyslipper Constantine: unless her boss is in her office and she has to pretend to work. 🙂

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hmmm. Can you give me a name?

Ladyslipper Constantine: both the two who have estate powers right now, are offline at work

Kandinsky Beaumont: Maybe I have an answer at the latest the next 8 hours? That is tomorrow for me.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry, but you probably know SaveMe doesn’t have the best reputation, so I have to be sure before I can add her.

Ladyslipper Constantine: oh yes, definitely. In fact I should know for sure with in the next 3 hrs

Kandinsky Beaumont: She has a very good reputation in a wide circle of artists. Probably the best visual artists in SL. That´s why I want her on. ok I will be asleep by then but I open up tomorrow and hope I have a positive answer. It is another year , as I said.

Ladyslipper Constantine: Yes it is another year.  and I know SaveMe is an excellet visual artist, it’s her behavior at some events that gets her into trouble and Burn2 is very lenient and rarely bans folks

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hey is it possible that the ppl that can decide are not with their names on the site?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I find no names

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m definitely willing to add SaveMe, but I do have to check first

Ladyslipper Constantine: no, I know both the ones who can decide in RL too, and both are at work as they are both on SLT in RL too

Kandinsky Beaumont: It is very disturbing to be in a group like this and having anonymous avas deciding about how you shall work… it maybe the american way but it is very uncomfortable.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry Kandi, but once I get permission, I will send her an invite so tell her to watch for it just in case

Kandinsky Beaumont: and I’ll drop you an IM on the decision

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I hope it will work.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I do too

Gemma Cleanslate: hope this gets straightenend out

Gemma Cleanslate: sorry about this

Gemma Cleanslate: i know you are good friends

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes I am too.

Gemma Cleanslate: fingers crossed

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes but that is not really the point.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Thanks anyway.

Gemma Cleanslate: i dont think they carry bans over from year to year but i dont know

Gemma Cleanslate: those in charge know

Gemma Cleanslate: we really should know tho

Gemma Cleanslate: i am going to recommend that for sure

Gemma Cleanslate: if only SaveMe could moderate :_)

Gemma Cleanslate: so much talent

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes. But I get very disappointed that the ppl in charge seems to be anonymous. I know we are not in a democratic organization. But in a creative situation you must have the possibilities to discuss with those who decide… in other situations too of course

Gemma Cleanslate: right, they are not anonymous just not on line yet!!!

Gemma Cleanslate: and e-mail is on the way from lady

Gemma Cleanslate: emcee widget is top dog

Gemma Cleanslate: ronon carver is head of rangers

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok but Ladyslipper did not give me their names, I asked several times. And as far as I can see there are no names on the homepage

Gemma Cleanslate: ah

Kandinsky Beaumont: OK thank youvery much.

Gemma Cleanslate: yw

Kandinsky Beaumont: That is better then.

Gemma Cleanslate: mc he goes by

Kandinsky Beaumont: we will see then.

2 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. anonymous is the 99%
    It’s an open group and not a clique…
    i love you cuz but as a group you’re a gang of bullies. in fact, our great aunt Shilova is trying to plan an intervention for you.

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