Interview Request

They send me the following notecard from AviewTV where I will have my Big SaveMe Oh Retrospective opening Sunday 7th. Now, dear readers, could you send me already some answers??? Or do I have to invent everything myself again??? Knowing the questions on forehand doesn’t seem to me very important. So please send me already some answers! The best answers I will add to the interview. (Unless they are from Solo Mornington, but I never saw him coming up with any answer, so that will not happen I guess).

I am going to start doing the blog for AView, and I have it in mind to do interviews with a lot of the great filmmakers in sl. I have chosen to interview you first, if you are agreeable to it. I wanted to start with you for several reasons…the first being that you are a very good film maker. The second…because though I know you by name, all I know of you personally are the things that happen in sl~not really YOU. Thirdly, it is because I think you will be my biggest challenge 🙂 I ask only one thing of you should you agree to this interview, and that is that it be totally about you…and your craft. The questions that I will ask you will be those that I come up with having you specifically in mind. I will send them to you and give you plenty of time to think about them and answer them without having to come up with any immediate answers, so you will be able to get across what you would really like to be said about yourself and your work. Any questions that I may ask that you would choose not to answer will be fine.  If you would rather not be interviewed I will not take it personally~however I really will be disappointed 🙂  If you say yes, I will start typing up my questions today…

I await your reply

Secret Rage

2 thoughts on “Interview Request

  1. Yeah, I have an answer. Gina was bullied and threatened out of AviewTV after a year of working very hard for a totally undeserving man, who seems to place no value on commitment or professionalism, and condones hostility within his organisation. Gina gets threatened and THEN gets kicked out. Interesting practice. People should know Gina was lied to and squeezed out, for no other reason than (apparently) someone became jealous. Gina is very glad that her idea to have SaveMe do an innovative multimedia event came to pass, though its pretty unethical that the brilliant minds at AviewTV kicked Gina out and kept her idea, to ‘profit’ from it. Nice group of people who couldnt care less about professional courtesy, loyalty or relationships of any type.

  2. Oh wait. Here’s a real answer you can use (for any question):
    Whatever they ask you, tell them ‘That’s a very interesting question. How fascinating. For this question, my exact answer that i will choose will be something really intriguing about the state of lethargy in adolescent marsupials when forced to relocate due to migratory avian families in the petrol-producing nations most abundant’ (then just add a reference to some bible verse)

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