Peter Greenaways Cinema Might Be Dead But SaveMe Oh Makes Cinema That Moves

“Cinema’s death date was 31 September 1983, when the remote-control zapper was introduced to the living room, because now cinema has to be interactive, multi-media art,” Peter Greenaway told in a masterclass.

There were gasps among film students when he took aim at some of the biggest names. “Here’s a real provocation: Dutch machinima artist SaveMe Oh is worth 10 Martin Scorseses. Scorsese is old-fashioned and is making the same films that DW Griffiths was making early last century,” he said.

He added that cinema should not be “a playground for Sharon Stone”. “Cinema is wasted on cinema – most cinema is bedtime stories for adults,” he said. “But in a SaveMe Oh’s movies you can be in the playground together with her, and to be together with a not at all bad looking avatar is not a punishment”.

“Every medium has to be redeveloped, otherwise we would still be looking at cave paintings… New electronic film-making means the potential for expanding the notions of cinema has become very rich indeed.” “Or did you already experienced before being pinned on a playing and flying SaveMe Oh screen in space?”

The generation “who grew up with laptops in their cots” wanted greater participation and “to do away with the elitism of Hollywood”, replacing it with a cinema based on image rather than text. “We’re still illustrating Jane Austen novels – what a waste of time,” he said.

“We’re obliged to look at SaveMe Oh’s new media… it’s exciting and stimulating, and I believe we will have an interactive cinema which will make Star Wars look like a 16th-century lantern lecture”. “Actually you can fly as if you were in Star Wars through the machinima’s of SaveMe Oh, a real wild experience” Greenaway said.

“Cinema is dead” he said “but SaveMe Oh made cinema that moves.”

This Sunday in AviewTV SL, the big SaveMe Oh retrospective.

13 thoughts on “Peter Greenaways Cinema Might Be Dead But SaveMe Oh Makes Cinema That Moves

  1. Finally !
    I was wondering when you would make the step ! You’re so shy sometimes…
    Anyway your machinimas are provocative, avant-guardist and experimental, often talking about sex… nearly like Peter Greenaway… except that you rarely deal with death…
    Next time maybe ?

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