Smell Of Fish In Da House

When EmmaJones9889 spammed our Smell of Fish group we decided to be nice to her and throw a party at her rental area

EmmaJones9889: Do you need a home or an area for yourself? Come rent one now! We got cheap, furnished and unfurnished homes waiting for you! Hurry before it’s too late! IM me for more information.

SaveMe Oh: Now where is that house??? LM please

SaveMe Oh: I am very curious. I love cheap furniture

EmmaJones9889: Cheap houses too

Flave Nightfire: and i love spam πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Can we come to see?

EmmaJones9889: sure!

Merisana: go in IM please

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me?

SaveMe Oh: OK I am there, who wants to come too?

Veleda Lorakeet: And me.. always want to see things go interesting very fast

SaveMe Oh: for a nice party?

Flave Nightfire giggles. flash mob?

Merisana: ok i quit the group then

SaveMe Oh: come all here. She is a lovely spammer, party starts now, come all

Eupalinos Ugajin: my scuba cow burns to come but I told her no no not this time

SaveMe Oh: party has started. All the Fish family loves it here. Great spam party



Veleda Lorakeet: LOL. The meek shall inherit the lag and the cows

SaveMe Oh:

Pinelapie Whitesong: hello πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: hi

Pinelapie Whitesong: I have a question for you. πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: yes?

Pinelapie Whitesong: not to be a pain int he buitt.. but if this huge fun box is you avi.. is there any way you can change it for a little while.. its distracting and the rental agent is having a hard time seeign the boxes with the available spaces for rent


tielle Pexie: rofl

SaveMe Oh: come all

Veleda Lorakeet: is there a limit to the sdistance prims rez away from your body??? never noticed this before!!!!???

SaveMe Oh: your firend EmmaJones invited us

Pinelapie Whitesong: yes i know. she is working to rent out the syboxes.. but she cant see them and neither can I with this party box. lol.. its fun.. there just isnt enough room

SaveMe Oh: you organise them a nice party and then they complain. I brought you all potential new clients. You have music on the sim?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Bach please or Zappa

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned

SaveMe Oh: OK, what was my time????

SaveMe Oh: dont think I broke the record

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: This was the best short party of the day

Eupalinos Ugajin: love the ejection 30 meters away

Flave Nightfire waiting for the next spammer

SaveMe Oh: I hope we get more spam

SaveMe Oh: BUT……I still have the LM of EmmaJones

SaveMe Oh: lets check

SaveMe Oh: yeah…

Flave Nightfire: oh oh

SaveMe Oh: Paradise Regions Park, Zaurak (18, 92, 1833)

SaveMe Oh: Its very small, EmmaJones

EmmaJones9889: You can stay if u rent the place

SaveMe Oh: We would like to try it out first for a day

EmmaJones9889: I invited u here to rent places cuz it is my job!

Veleda Lorakeet: Wrong Job!

SaveMe Oh: we are artists, thats our job

Eupalinos Ugajin: really you would rent to us ?


Grosmanteau DeCuir: And we are simply testing the sim before renting it out

Eupalinos Ugajin: even a fireplace

EmmaJones9889: there is one with furniture but it is having problems at the moment

EmmaJones9889: You can add things to the sim and change the carpet and wall color

SaveMe Oh: we are just trying it out

EmmaJones9889: no one of the workers did something and messed it up they put a virus thing in the sim

Grosmanteau DeCuir: Emma, how many people can this sim hold?

Grosmanteau DeCuir: We tend to do large parties

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not sure I would rent with such an abstract virus around the skybox

EmmaJones9889: it can hold as much as you want and we have other sims u can rent too

SaveMe Oh: and is mature, we love nipples?

SaveMe Oh: and how much is the rent?

SaveMe Oh: can you change 1 million Linden?

EmmaJones9889: this one is 300L$/w but i think ther eis one for only 100L$

Veleda Lorakeet: SHe is trying so hard… SHe get 100 L$ for each house she sells…

Grosmanteau DeCuir: So much work for 30 cents

Veleda Lorakeet: Yes, I talked to her. explained it a bit…

SaveMe Oh: I am giving the poor thing now 100

Veleda Lorakeet: I will give her 100 L$ too LOL

SaveMe Oh: lets make her rich

Grosmanteau DeCuir: That would be encouraging her to spam more :\

SaveMe Oh: support the poor spammer

EmmaJones9889: My boss is comin please wait

soamc president clyde: okay wtf is going on

Pinelapie Whitesong: I got this clyde.. who told you that?

Pinelapie Whitesong: and guys.. heres the thing.. you can either rent the box.. or get out

SaveMe Oh: you dont have to swear, please

Pinelapie Whitesong: i realize your all having a good time.. if you would like to rent the skybox then please pay it.. then you are more then welcome to stay.. otherwise.. its time to go

Grosmanteau DeCuir: Do you realize that asking us to leave makes us feel unwelcome? You might cost her a commission

K.T. Burnett: So nice of you to let us stay, Emma πŸ™‚

Pinelapie Whitesong: sweety it was great they tipped you.. you deserved it.. but they are not goin to rent.. they are just having fun screwing around..

soamc president clyde: okay 5 mins to gtfo unless u pay in 4 mins

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

SaveMe Oh: It was a privilege doing business with her

EmmaJones9889: hey guys sorry bout tht she removed the house becuz u wouldnt rent

EmmaJones9889: and u needed to leave if u wont rent

SaveMe Oh: How exiting

SaveMe Oh: I am save back home

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