Trouble In Paradise

After Ginette Pinazzo came with the idea of a retrospective of my work on the sim of AviewTV she was kicked out of the team there for reasons I don’t know about, something about fights in the group. But LaPiscean Liberty assured me that the project could continue and so we open the CINEMA THAT MOVES last week. And he also told me it could stay for a little longer.

Very strange was the IM I received this week from Glasz DeCuir, the other member of the AviewTV team.

Glasz DeCuir: (Saved Thu Oct 11 14:18:23 2012)let me know if its enough time, ty

SaveMe Oh: time for what?

Glasz DeCuir: hello

Glasz DeCuir: to be polite is FREE 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I dont understand your question:(Saved Thu Oct 11 14:18:23 2012)let me know if its enougt time, ty

Glasz DeCuir: forget it, talk to LaPiscean about your items in AviewTV land, not to me, Thank You

SaveMe Oh: You send me this???? So I still dont understand

Glasz DeCuir: because i was going to build there, but i change of opinion, so nothing to talk

SaveMe Oh: I am going still to organise some events there and LaPiscean said it was ok

Glasz DeCuir: talk to LaPiscean about that, is the land owner

Glasz DeCuir: perfect

SaveMe Oh: I did. ok

Glasz DeCuir: good luck

SaveMe Oh: ty

Glasz DeCuir: see u never

SaveMe Oh: Are you angry?

Glasz DeCuir: yes

Glasz DeCuir: i cant insult you during ten minutes, would youlike?

SaveMe Oh: What I have to do with this?

Glasz DeCuir: is not related to you

SaveMe Oh: Why are you angry?

SaveMe Oh: What did I do to you?

Glasz DeCuir: nothing,is not related to you

SaveMe Oh: So why you bother me with it?

Glasz DeCuir: because you type so go and let me, pesadita….

SaveMe Oh: I won’t, you send me a message and now this? What is your problem?

Glasz DeCuir: are you my friend? NO, had i asked you anything? NO, so please let me quiet

SaveMe Oh: You asked me this in IM:

Glasz DeCuir: (Saved Thu Oct 11 14:18:23 2012)let me know if its enougt time, ty

SaveMe Oh: I respond to that, and then you start out of nothing

Glasz DeCuir: ok, ok,ok, you are right, right, you are right, happy?

Glasz DeCuir: good-bye

SaveMe Oh: No, I am not happy because this way of behavior is ridiculous.

Glasz DeCuir: HAd you listened about the “art of silence”?

SaveMe Oh: And I have no idea why I deservet his

SaveMe Oh: If you are frustrated by somebody or something dont make me guilty for it

Glasz DeCuir: que he hecho yo para merecer esto

Glasz DeCuir: adios

SaveMe Oh: exactly

Glasz DeCuir: , we agree, bye-bye

SaveMe Oh: Never met somebody who turned into a fool so quickly

Glasz DeCuir: you are a man 🙂

Glasz DeCuir: y con poco talento, por cierto. Hasta nunca.

SaveMe Oh: poco talento??? Me?

10 thoughts on “Trouble In Paradise

  1. Thank you very much for people like you i will stop making things here and leave this sl world, pero lo cierto es que tu solo tienes ideas de los años sesenta, mal cocinadas. Que te den!

  2. [13:52] Glasz DeCuir: Thank you very much for people like you i will stop making things here and leave this world, pero lo cierto es que tu solo tienes ideas de los años sesenta, mal cocinadas. Que te den!
    [13:52] Glasz DeCuir: oh i will publish in your blog too… will you aprove the comment?
    [13:52] SaveMe Oh: ofcourse
    [13:53] SaveMe Oh: I always add everything
    [13:53] SaveMe Oh: unless you start to call me names
    [13:54] Glasz DeCuir: happy and proud now? but remember you are only a fake, byes an ty for talking to me tor emind all shit are here between machinimators
    [13:56] SaveMe Oh: Good drama is the basic ingredient of our job

  3. You found an alter ego! Pero bastante mal cocinada, mujer!
    And does Mr Alter Ego think it would be a punishment if he stops making things in sl? It could be a relief, too, maybe??

  4. I guess this is my fault really. I said that SaveMe could leave her show up for a few days since people were still coming and the LM was being still passed around. The bottom line is I should have asked Glasz first, since she is the Inworld development manger. I didn’t think to ask I just assumed SaveMe would leave build up for a few days. Glasz has ongoing work at AviewTV and has last say as to how long what stays where. If in fact the build has to come down for other engagements, then that’s what has to be. I really enjoyed the event as others did, and if in the future SaveMe has events she would like to put on, then this to, needs Glasz Approval for time and space allowed. Then perhaps, maybe Ms. Shilova is right in saying maybe too many irons in the fire for Mr. Alter Ego. 🙂

    • hoooooo …. Mr Alter Ego is a Ms. Sorry, but in sl, anyway, you never know exactly the gender. It doesnt change my opinion about this psychodrama anyhow 😉

    • “I should have asked Glasz first, since she is the Inworld development manger”….. May I suggest to change manager and find a real one before this one totally brings everything down. And do it very quickly, then. Which kind of behavior is this? As we say in french: “manager, mon cul, oui!” (soooo sorry, but I had to adapt my speech to the ambiance).

      • (sigh)..I tried to warn them, but they just never listen!……this is what they once called ‘corporate mismanagement’……seems very common in SL….you appoint the wrong person to the position and get something far worse than the sum of its parts! Proves again the acronym: CEO = Clueless Every Opportunity

  5. I think the installation by SaveMe should stay there like forever.. at least till someone comes up with something better. Best fucking show there is in SL right now!

  6. You KNOW I have a comment about this. ..
    Good work, SaveMe…and I’m sorry you had to be on the receiving end of the same nonsense and immaturity I was when i was there. And that”s why I”m not there. I was ‘kicked out’ because I refused to tolerate brattish and bullying behavior. It saddens me that I spent a year at Aview (no regrets….I am, very happy w/ the results during that time) only to see it end because I was threatened by a bully (who doesnt write or speak very well and is so unprofessional it threatens to lower that company’s standard to the very bottom). can’t be…WON’T be…part of that culture. said you don’t know why I was kicked out. Your little encounter should give you a clue.
    I can handle bullies no problem, but it’s the fact that the CEO simply didn’t back me up whiel I was being THREATENED, rather than work to ensure a professional standard, simply kicked me out, returned my items and refused to communicate further that ended the relationship. And yes, a relationship has been risked over nothing.
    In the end, its not about me. It’s about the machinima community and what serves them best. Sad to see that not everyone can maintain that big picture.
    Keep up the good work, Save……..
    there will always be the brats..
    in the end, there are inconsequential!
    Love, Gina

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