Hunted By The Paparazzi

Secret Rage from AviewTV begged me for an interview. As I am much nicer than most people think I granted her the honour.

SaveMe Oh is many things…to name just a few,~a performance artist, creator of 3D art, theater director and for the purposes of this interview, maker of machinima. SaveMe has produced a large body of work that may be seen on YouTube, Vimeo and AviewTV. A collection of films made by SaveMe will be featured on October 7 through AView TV.

QUESTIONS  by Secret Rage.

Secret: For readers who are, like me, new to film making…it’s of interest to know~what system do you use to produce your films?

SaveMe Oh: I use the system of the clock, when it can’t be done in an afternoon I dump the project!

Secret: Of all the films that you have made,  which one makes you the most proud?

SaveMe Oh: I am the most proud about the movie Touche Pas as the PIRATS, who are subject of the movie, send me this letter after publishing it.

I must inform you that you host on your server on websites and a video made by a person calling herself Saveme Oh.

This video show a violent attack to our nonprofit organization for Art.

I’m president of Pirats Art Network, a French registered nonprofit organization (#W1 1100144 Préfecture de l’Aude – France).

SaveMe Oh use a modified Pirats Art Network registered logo to denigrate our registered French nonprofit organization for Art.

– She said “Pirats Sad Network” in place of “Pirats Art Network”.

– She threats Merlina Rokocoko and Newbab Zsigmond that are our artists names registered at French fiscal administration.

It’s a copyright violation and a defamation.

Our website :

SaveMe Oh website :

It’s not the first time she harass someone or one community,, MySpace, Youtube and others removed the same video on their website for defamation, associating us as a fascist group.

We must inform you that we contact French authorities and our lawyer for a legal action against her and all persons or organizations that promote this, for copyright violation, defamation and harassment.


Jean-Marc Larroque

Pirats Art Network

March 15, 2010

Secret: Are there any that you look at and think you would like to remake more to your satisfaction?

SaveMe Oh: The first 10 or so I would like to redo as then I didn’t know how to get the interface out of my screen. Luckely I was very poor then so you couldn’t see large amounts of Linden on my screen.

Secret: Considering all of the art forms you participate in~ would you say film making is the most important one of them to you?

SaveMe Oh: The most important art form is SaveMe Oh, everything she touch turns into gold, or NOTHING as some might say.

Secret: When researching your extensive list of films, the earliest one I saw was from 3 years ago…was that the beginning of your film making?

SaveMe Oh: The first ones are from 2008 and I think I did not bad for a one year old.

Secret: Does your art consist mostly in online projects? Or are you active in your real life as well?

SaveMe Oh: I do art all day long, in SL as well as in RL.

Secret: Artists in general are very hard to categorize as far as their style and content…if you had to choose a category, though…where would you place your work?

SaveMe Oh: I would say I am the only one who is able to combine a gorgeous body with a genius personality.

Secret: When you make a film, are you more considering of its viewers or for it being a vehicle for your expression?

SaveMe Oh: Artists who take consideration of their viewers are no artists. I don’t give a shit about my viewers as most of them are really sad cases. They only should be grateful that I spend my precious time to cheer up their sad daily lives a bit.

Secret: What other film makers are you inspired by~ either in virtual or real world ?

SaveMe Oh: Chantal Harvey, Iono Allen, Tutsi Navarathna and Nicole X are my biggest example how it should not be. When one of my movies starts to look like one of theirs I always walk to a high bridge and consider to jump of.

Secret: Which of your films says the most about you as a person?

SaveMe Oh: I would say my latest movie NOTHING. It’s really all about NOTHING!

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