The Holy Trinity

I picked out just an answer from Solo on a comment of Rose in this blog:

Solo Mornington: The LEA sims are generously given by Linden Lab. They offered the sims, we own them. The three LEA estates are each owned by a different committee member, through a contract with Linden Lab: Me, JayJay Zifanwe, and LaPiscean Liberty. JayJay and I each ‘own’ 10, and LaP ‘owns’ 9. All committee members are also estate managers on all estates.

The 10 that I ‘own’ are half of the land grant sims that we hand out for 6-month grants. JJ ‘owns’ the other half. LaP has the ‘core’ sims.

The LEA regions aren’t managed by me, though I often end up doing the work. They’re managed by collective decision on policy and project, and then a subcommittee will typically manage sims as needed. So for instance, PatriciaAnne Daviau and I manage LEA5, because we’re the sandbox subcommittee, and that’s the sandbox sim. The sandbox project originated with the committee before I was even involved at the LEA.

This system comes about so that there’s a diversity of ownership, to help prevent exactly the sort of problem you’re talking about, Rose.

But clearly I’m a self-appointed czar who is there to just make sure your day is horrible. It couldn’t possibly be any other way, at all.

I know that my sweet Australian network caretaker and ArtIkea box builder Jayjay Zifanwe would never ban me like the dictator Solo Mornington does, and I know that my sweet friend LaPiscean Liberty, who has a serious problem with woman concerning the battlefield he left behind with Ginette Pinazzo and Glasz DeCuir, never will ban me if I provide him once in a while with a movie with music of Leonard Cohen, which makes him as wax in my hands. So it comes down again to the one and only hangman and executioner of the team, Solo Mornington, who bans, eject and judge at will! That the other members are such great cowards for not to speak out can mean two things, or they are afraid for the influence Solo Mornington has with the Linden as there can be no doubt he licks their asses best (especially the one of Viale Linden) or they prefer to shut up as they love the free sims they get provided by the Linden.

Now I got a clear insight in the commanding structure. Assuming the other two are in there for the sake of art it’s now 2 against 1 to unban me quick so LEA can again be delighted with the wild artparty’s we throw there as for now the only thing that attract or attracted visitors is the work of Cica Ghost and was the work of Mikati Slade. And the megalomaniac building is already again on the rise with cubes from Solkide Auer for 1000 visitors and hippie sky dancers Medora Chevalier and Junivers Stockholm involved so better be quick before the next disaster, the returning of Josina Burgess, eeeeekkkkkkk.

16 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity

  1. Now you’re trolling Gina directly by name. No doubt she’ll come along and testify about her horrible experiences, towards no ends whatsoever, and you’ll feel better about yourself for being able to make at least *somebody* dance.

    See, the difference between you and Gina is that Gina actually *cares* about this stuff, and thinks that by Bravely Telling The World About It, things might improve. And that’s exactly the sort of person you need, isn’t it?

    You need a better hobby, SaveMe Oh. One that doesn’t victimize anybody.

    • Not sure how having my name mentioned (in a very truthful context too), is being trolled, but whatever. I am amused by the rather weak manipulations on the part of this blog’s ‘eternal antagonizer’ Haha.
      . Ive dealt with real blog-enabled trolls and they dont act anything like SaveMe. (anyone remember someone called Profky? Haha)
      Oh, and Ive dealt with real manipulators, too……
      and condescending arrogant men……hmmmm
      who STILL dont listen and STILL dont get that some women ACTUALLY have independent thought! Wow! What a concept!

      PS – even IF SaveMe thought to somehow ‘use me’, I can assure you that’s not happening

      PPS – Its interesting how ‘sticking together’ or ‘agreeing on something’ is somehow interpreted by solo mornington as being trolled. Sounds like someone really is trying the political divisive maneuver. Cute! For the record, I already know how unethical and manipulaive you have been, solo mornington. I dont need SaveMe to tell me that. And, if anything, Id have her post on MY blog abt LEA incompetence if I wished it.

  2. Gina: “Its interesting how ‘sticking together’ or ‘agreeing on something’ is somehow interpreted by solo mornington as being trolled.”

    You’re ‘sticking together’ with someone who’s totally OK with virtual rape, Gina. The sad part is that you don’t even realize that it’s going on.

    Whatever problems you have with me personally, or with the LEA as an organization, you should be able to see that SMO’s continued harassment of me is morally wrong and completely disproportionate.

    But instead you enable rape in effigy. Why is that?

    • I do realize what is going on. Stop confusing disagreement w/ ignorance. Yes, I saw the video of what SaveMe did. I saw the effigy. Ive been assaulted by such material myself.

      I am against depictions of nonconsensual acts within SL (yes, even on adult land) and especially if those depictions are in any way endorsed by LL and marketed to the public (Gor, watch out) . (this is why I never allowed such depictions as part of any Zindra Expo group-sponsored program, much to the chagrin of the rape-gadget peddlers of SL). I have drawn a small amount of hate attacks from those who considered me a censor. My view is more balanced than you might guess!

      If you really felt you were the target of hate attacks (sexual or otherwise) there are SL procedures to follow. There are marketing choices you can make. There is much you can rise above, too. Let me explain……

      Do I work tirelessly for a more female-friendly SL, and a more sophisticated adult SL, and a more free and inspirational SL? Absolutely. Do I let every little attack against me make me crazy? Absolutely not. I take the steps I need to take and assume a higher responsibility. I also look at Big Picture.

      I dont enable the attack. Do you? Look at all sides. (as an example, no man can insult me because I can’t be insulted…get it?)

      One of the reasons I keep derailing the blog threads into talking abt my troubles at LEA is not because I like to wallow in history, but history provides important context. If someone created an effigy of me and burned it, Id be worried, yes…but Id also use my ears and eyes and mind to look into WHY they are doing it. Are they simply a griefer? Or is there an underlying issue? I talk…….to get the pulse of the environment…surround myself with good people. I would denounce the burning, but also work towards an improved situation so burnings are less likely. Trust needs to be built. There is a lot of information out there to work with, to rebuild trust.

      You may think SaveMe is a troll and will troll you regardless of how good you are, or what you do. EVEN IF THAT WERE TRUE, it doesnt change the basic internal work you can do improve things. We are all connected. Everyone has a part to play in the recovery.

      Note for context: Dont forget that you have lost all credibility with me specifically based on your actions towards me in the past. Until I learn otherwise, I am not sure I trust anything you say. Lots of rebuilding would need to be done there!

      • Gina says: “If you really felt you were the target of hate attacks (sexual or otherwise) there are SL procedures to follow.”


        “I dont enable the attack…”

        In other words, your advice to me, about having been harassed and raped in effigy, is to leave the scene and remain in powerless silence.

        Is this the advice you’d give any woman who was sexually harassed? Or is it just the advice you reserve for men?

        Gina continues: “If someone created an effigy of me and burned it, Id be worried, yes…but Id also use my ears and eyes and mind to look into WHY they are doing it.”

        No one burned me in effigy, Gina.

        SaveMe Oh *raped* me in effigy.

        It’s a bit different, isn’t it? If it happened to you, all of SL would be hearing about it 24/7.

        And she did it because she’s a persona specifically constructed in order to harass people for grins. It’s very simple: SaveMe Oh is evil. That’s why she did it. She doesn’t care about the LEA or the cause of art; she did it in order to troll me into reacting, and to troll people like you into having the opinion you are now expressing: That I am a worthy victim of rape. She has exposed you as evil, also.

        While you participate in ‘sticking together’ with SMO, you will inexorably be drawn towards choosing one of two completely unpalatable options: Endorse virtual rape towards political ends, or admit that, regardless of how much you dislike me, I don’t deserve such treatment.

      • If you leave LEA and give the arts a chance to flourish again on their own conditions and not yours and your holy trinity I promise you several guest appearances in my movies where you can finally play yourself. Picture a barn in the countryside, a woodfire, a fishing rod and a BBQ, you together with your 2 buddies talking about hunting deer!

      • SaveMe says: “If you leave LEA and give the arts a chance to flourish again on their own conditions and not yours”

        You are not the arts in SL, and unbanning you is far from equivalent to the arts flourishing.

        I’m all for the arts flourishing. In that other thread I encouraged people to send proposals, if not to me then to anyone in the organization. We’re happy to entertain ideas from all quarters.

        The fact that you’re full of venom and bullshit does not reflect at all on the LEA. You’re abusive towards artists at the LEA, and so therefore you’re banned from two sims. If you weren’t abusive, you wouldn’t be banned. Simple as that.

        And you can appeal your ban, but refuse to, so OH WELL.

        I was nice to you, and I defended the presence of your works on the sandbox for a year despite their escalating animosity towards the LEA. But then you were abusive to people, and got banned. Then the committee gave you a second chance, and you blew it again. So here we are.

  3. 1. So SaveMe is evil? and now I am exposed as evil too? Interesting descent I see. When that word ‘evil’ comes out, the conversation does change. Thanks for ‘exposing yourself’ and your ‘intellect’. I dont think the arts or any community is well-served by anyone so small-minded they’d call people ‘evil’ so quickly. Rethink!

    2. I talked abt effigy burning as an analogy. Obviously. Do you read blog comments as poorly as you listen to inworld chat?

    3. I never said you enabled the attack. Pay attention. ‘I dont enable the attack. Do you? ‘ was an explanation that I did not enable any attacks. You called me an enabler earlier. Remember? Once again, you only read a tiny bit of what is written, and you assume the rest.
    This propensity for ignorance is what makes you unqualified to have any responsible position, and I do hope you either evolve (I can wait but can the rest of the world?) or find a new career where expectations are lower.

    4. Dont dare equate the criminal act of rape with anything you’ve suffered, solo. It’s pathetic and only belittles the seriousness of real crime.

    • Gina: “I dont think the arts or any community is well-served by anyone so small-minded they’d call people ‘evil’ so quickly. Rethink!”

      It’s been quite some time, Gina. I’ve made my boundaries apparent to SaveMe Oh. She continues to harass me despite this. Oh, and the virtual rape thing. That, too.

      Gina: “You called me an enabler earlier. Remember?”

      Yup. Because as long as you’re here to say RAH RAH SAVEME OH! and remain totally silent on the issue of whether SaveMe Oh is a bully, a troll, and, you know… virtual rapist, sort of… Well, that makes you an enabler of those things.

      So you are an enabler of those things. You say, “SaveMe is right to criticize the LEA!” while pointing at a picture of SaveMe Oh bouncing on a pogo stick on a naked Solo Mornington who has a stick of dynamite shoved up his ass.

      You are oblivious to the reality you inhabit in this regard.

      And finally, it really comes down to this one: “4. Dont dare equate the criminal act of rape with anything you’ve suffered, solo. It’s pathetic and only belittles the seriousness of real crime.”

      I’m using the terms ‘virtual rape’ and ‘rape in effigy.’ It is clearly sexual harassment. But you know what? There’s only one thing that matters:

      What really matters is that, whatever you call it, you don’t care that you’re complicit in it, because I’m someone you dislike.

      As to whether I need to evolve or not: I’m doing all of this because no one else will. This is the level I have to descend to in order to get you folks who read this ‘blog to even begin to see me as human, with the hope that one of you will say: He’s right, SaveMe Oh has gone too far, and I should say something about it.

      • 1. You keep forgetting. I dont recognize you as anyone with credibility based on the way youve handled matters when I was at LEA. You never bother to respond to that material, because what you did then was WRONG, and you cant seem to admit it… ….

        2. based on your past actions, I consider you someone with no defensible moral compass… don’t talk to me abt morality of any type….

        3. if anyone is ‘trolling’ its obviously you, as you keep coming into this blog to add fuel to a fire you apparently love to warm your hands in…..maybe SaveMe likes to have you around, but I see you just lowering the conversation even further than was before…..

        4. Ive already watched you descend into the F word against someone in here, and now you start calling me evil……immature adolescent behavior that betrays your supposed professionalism……

        5. You are not someone I dislike for its own sake. It’s based on your actions…your behaviors… have been unethical, irresponsible and arrogant. It’s not all about you…it’s about what you have done. You cannot even rise to face your past actions when I call you out on them.

        For these reasons and more, I won’t bother engaging with you anymore. ‘Convo over’ It’s clearly a waste of time as you never listen and now I see you as an adolescent with no responsibility. Maybe you work hard sometimes, but your efforts are clouded by your arrogance. I am not even convinced you work hard anyway, and you may be the laziest person Ive ever encountered in SL. Troll this blog all day if you want. I don’t care. I don’t engage w/ children here. I won’t be wasting any more time acknowledging you or engaging in your game. Convo over.

      • Gina says: “You never bother to respond to that material, because what you did then was WRONG”

        If you care about any answer I give, you’ll contact me in private about it. But I’m pretty sure you don’t, so here we are.

        It’s what you ‘have me’ on, in your own mind, and so therefore you can justify cheerleading the harassment that others are heaping on me. Otherwise you’d be horrified.

        And that’s how you’ve been trolled.

        I’ll be glad for you when you figure this out.

      • I agree with you Ginette, Let’s move on to things that fuel our imagination instead of our irritation. Solo is really not worth the trouble. And let me say this to you, you are not evil, you are a beautiful bright strong woman, keep up the power, but don’t waste it on Solo anymore xx

    • The high priestess of judgement dropped her hammer with capital letters and all went silent. Somewhere in an alley a dog peed against a pole and you could hear it on the other side of the Holy city.

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