Sorry To Bother You Again, Dramalovers!

Today I send an IM to my sister Bryn Oh to unban me at LEA6 and a minute later is was done, I had a clear view on LEA5 and saw him…you know who. I took a deep breath, covered the picture of my darling Rose for a while, as I always get angry on behalve of her, and rehearsed some sweet words and put the bottle of vinegar outside. And then I called him….

SaveMe Oh: You already have unbanned me?

SaveMe Oh: Or do I have to stand here at the border all day?

Solo Mornington: whether you stand at the border all day is entirely up to you.

SaveMe Oh: When I talk with my sis I only have to ask once and I am unbanned, howcome?

Solo Mornington:

Solo Mornington: ask whoever you want.

SaveMe Oh: do Jayjay Zifanwe and LaPiscean Liberty also agree with your banning policies?

Solo Mornington: what makes you think they’re my banning policies?

Solo Mornington: or even that I banned you?

SaveMe Oh: You always ban me

SaveMe Oh: nobody else

SaveMe Oh: they might eject me sometimes when they are in a bad mood, but banning for ever or a little bit shorter they never do

Solo Mornington: so basically, what you’re saying is: everyone finds it necessary to at least eject you.

Solo Mornington: on another topic: am I really your muse?

SaveMe Oh: not really, but you manouvred yourself in that position

Solo Mornington: actually I didn’t do any such thing.

SaveMe Oh: You did, dont know why

Solo Mornington: well if you need me around to abuse so you can make art, then it becomes a billable service. πŸ™‚

Solo Mornington: otherwise please stop.

SaveMe Oh: No, I dont need you for that, I only need you to unban me and leave me work in peace

Solo Mornington: apparently you *do* need me for that.

Solo Mornington: or you’d just work in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You may also let somebody else unban me and stay hidden yourself so I can work in peace, it’s up to you

Solo Mornington: no, it’s up to you:

SaveMe Oh: I cannot participate in self acclaimed courts and judges, I can only ask from avatar to avatar

Solo Mornington: it’s not courts and judges. it’s you giving me a notecard and then me still not wanting to unban you, so then the committee can figure it out.

SaveMe Oh: you ban me, I want you to unban me. Its between you and me

Solo Mornington: just like last time.

Solo Mornington: it’s not between you and me.

SaveMe Oh: I have nothing to do with so called others

Solo Mornington: it really, truly, is not personal.

SaveMe Oh: they were not present or involved

SaveMe Oh: you did it, I want it stopped

Solo Mornington: then write a notecard, hand it to me, and I’ll hand it to the committee. or hand it to some other committee member.

SaveMe Oh: No, I want you to undo what you did!

Solo Mornington: again: you don’t even know that I did it.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t hide behind non existent boards

SaveMe Oh: You did it and nobody else, so undo it

Solo Mornington: ok, I’m about to mute you. but before I do, I want to direct your attention here:

SaveMe Oh: mute me permanent or after i send a notecard to you about a request to unmute me?

Solo Mornington: it seems clear enough that you don’t want to give me a notecard.

Solo Mornington: and you can give one to another committee member if you want.

SaveMe Oh: I always told you so. You banned me so you also unban me. No others needed

Solo Mornington: that’s not how it happened, and it’s not how it works.

SaveMe Oh: why you dont send me another committee member to deal with me?

SaveMe Oh: and step back yourself?

Solo Mornington: [10:10] SaveMe Oh: When I talk with my sis I only have to ask once and I am unbanned, howcome?

Solo Mornington: I assume you mean Bryn Oh.

Solo Mornington: so you already know who to talk to.

SaveMe Oh: No? Is she your boss?

Solo Mornington: but they’re not your muse, so not deserving of your harassment.

Solo Mornington: you also mentioned JayJay Zifanwe and LaPiscean Liberty.

Solo Mornington: that’s three you could start up a conversation with.

SaveMe Oh: She only produces sheeps and Fairytales, very boring to harass, send one of your choice to me and I will deal with him or her.

Solo Mornington: it’s entirely up to you.

SaveMe Oh: you banned me, so solve it too

Solo Mornington: if you can’t manage to make this decision, then you can’t manage to get unbanned.

SaveMe Oh: dont be lazy

Solo Mornington: πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: GOD only rested on the seventh day.

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