Washing Hands In Innocence

Just checking if the other GODS are existing.

SaveMe Oh: Would you be so kind and unban me at LEA5?

Jayjay Zifanwe: I could on LEA 6… as Mary Wickedtower’s full sim is compete for now

SaveMe Oh: that Bryn already did

SaveMe Oh: I am talking about LEA5

Jayjay Zifanwe: oh I see…. thats the sandbox right? yeah I wont be allowed to do that. People will think its bias because I like you so much

SaveMe Oh: not allowed??? You are one of the holy trinity

SaveMe Oh: Then do it together with LaPiscean so you two can hold eachothers hands

Jayjay Zifanwe: holy trinity?

SaveMe Oh: you, Solo Mornington and LaPiscean Liberty

Jayjay Zifanwe: haha… you’re talking in riddles now. The LEA is more than 3 people. there is Patricia, Zachh, Rowan, Werner, Bryn etc

SaveMe Oh: only the holy trinity owns each 9 or 10 sims!

Jayjay Zifanwe: no… we dont own them we hold them in trust. I cant be on the LEA like UWA

SaveMe Oh: Anyway, unban me on LEA5 please

SaveMe Oh: Or make it happen

SaveMe Oh: Would you be so kind and unban me at LEA5?

LaPiscean Liberty: I have no powers on LEA 5

LaPiscean Liberty: thats Solos group

LaPiscean Liberty: it group owned land

SaveMe Oh: so let that silly group of yours unban me

LaPiscean Liberty: what silly group of mine

LaPiscean Liberty: Solo and Patti run LEA5

LaPiscean Liberty: the sandbox group

LaPiscean Liberty: and its Solos group

LaPiscean Liberty: I not have powers in it

SaveMe Oh: ok ty

4 thoughts on “Washing Hands In Innocence

  1. the setup (last time I checked): there are 3 people that LL seems to trust exclusively and each of those 3 ‘own’ the regions…so depending on which region you are talking abt….it will be one of those 3 people who have the full estate management abilities….sometimes other people will also be given land abilities……beyond just the trinity…..it’s as close to ownership as you can get w/o actually buying the land…….or more like the land was given free to those people….the trinity have groups, which own the land…….it gets to be a little like semantics….but in the end, they are ‘the owners’ until LL takes the land away from them….
    I could talk more abt the LEA’s so-called ‘unbanning process’, its ridiculous origin and how they can now ‘wash hands’ easily but I have no interest in being baited by you-know-who. As long as that adolescent is still trolling this site, there is no point. So, prematurely put: Convo over (somebody IM me when the idiot is finally removed from this blog)

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