First Mass Banning Church Of Second Life

First Mass Banning Church of Second Life

Sunday Evening Service

by Ronon Carver of Burning Man Burn2

Rev. Ronon Carver


Living your MBism means…

If a grieving avatar needs some punishment, you brew the pot of hell and stir them down until they listen.

Living your MBism means…

If SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts steal toys from others, you take the time to slowly torture them to make them understand why they must learn to respect others.

Living your MBism means…

If your local soup kitchen needs warm bodies to serve food to the homeless on Tuesdays at noon, you catch SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts, remove them from their offensive and sexual harassing aprons, and cook them into a healthy soup.

Living your MBism means…

If one of SaveMe Oh’s followers (or someone else who is licking her heals) is weeping from a broken heart, you reach out for your sword, and slice the heart in two parts including the person.

Living your MBism means…

If SaveMe Oh’s elderly minions and acolytes are living in a nursing home, you bring a bomb and blow them away as they are already living in borrowed time.

Living your MBism means…

If a co-worker needs your principled defense, you inform your gunclub and shoot to stand up for what is right.

Living your MBism means…

If your nephew lives alone, slowly dying of AIDS, you catch some of his blood and try to contaminate SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts with it. That will teach them.

Living your MBism means…

If a relief agency needs funds for the victims of some natural calamity, you steal the Linden of SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts, write your check, and write it for a little more than they can afford.

Living your MBism means…

If your community needs a recycling center, you volunteer to recycle SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts ASAP.

Living your MBism means…

If some stranger (perhaps someone of minority status like Solo Mornington) is being harassed or demeaned in a joke or in person, you teach him the tricks of Mass Bann out of your sense of justice and refuse to be an accomplice in the abuse of poor LEA committee members.

12 thoughts on “First Mass Banning Church Of Second Life

  1. Vaneeesa got it right two years ago when she had her plot taken away from her:
    “I know that Burning Man and Burn2 have a degree of utopian thinking at their core, but I cannot believe how much you seem to want artists to bleed for the privilege of living in your utopia. I do not believe it can be a utopia if you are unconditional master and I am unconditional slave.”

  2. The Pink Tutu: May I ask something?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: hi Tutu. sure. 🙂
    The Pink Tutu: There should be a famous artwork here, but I can’t find it?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: There are a lot of artworks all over the 6 sims. Have you been to all of them?
    The Pink Tutu: No, but the blogs are full about this one, and I don’t see it?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: you mean this one we’re standing on?
    The Pink Tutu: A glass cube with a black statue in it
    The Pink Tutu: and line saying DONT FEED
    Ladyslipper Constantine: ahh, sca’s. That was returned
    The Pink Tutu: Why???
    The Pink Tutu: It wasbecoming famous?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: it was just a cube with a small sculpture of a totally black riot police is all
    The Pink Tutu: Yes, but with a very deep meaning
    The Pink Tutu: It was the best work here on BURN, a lot of artcritics wrote about it
    Ladyslipper Constantine: yes, I’ve read the blogs too
    The Pink Tutu: also because it worked as a magnet for events, but now I dont see a thing?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: It was probably returned by accident thinking it belonged to one of the folks who’ve been banned
    The Pink Tutu: Folks being banned? Why?
    The Pink Tutu: Finally happens something on BURN and people get banned?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: for wearing huge protest signs in violation of the ToS
    The Pink Tutu: THats a pity
    Ladyslipper Constantine: we don’t ban here unless they violate the Tos
    The Pink Tutu: WHat they protest?
    The Pink Tutu: Why?
    Ladyslipper Constantine: SaveMe Oh being banned is what they are protesting
    The Pink Tutu: That one is banned everywhere
    Ladyslipper Constantine: I have to go now. sorry the art wasn’t here
    The Pink Tutu: Thank god for rangers like you!

  3. The Pink Tutu: hi, great expo
    Barbs Kurka: anytime between 3am and 8 am is fine
    Ro Carver: brb. laundry
    Barbs Kurka: going to check guru
    Gemma Allen: hi Pink
    The Pink Tutu: why cant we feed this statue?
    Ro Carver: back
    The Pink Tutu: I would like to feed him
    The Pink Tutu whispers: they dont sell birdseed here?
    Gemma Allen GIGGLES!!
    Gemma Allen: …LOL…
    Gemma Allen: wouldd be fun
    The Pink Tutu: Yes, like this its a little sad
    The Pink Tutu: You made it?
    Gemma Allen: nono
    Gemma Allen: nto ours at all
    Gemma Allen: left by someone
    Ro Carver: it’s someone’s art piece
    The Pink Tutu: I dont like it a lot, doesnt fit with the other great works here
    Gemma Allen: i agree
    The Pink Tutu: they should remove it, and add something cheerfull
    Ro Carver: that would be nice
    Ro Carver: it is rather dull and dreary
    Ro Carver: but…
    Ro Carver shrugs
    Ro Carver: one person’s art….
    The Pink Tutu: THey should have a committee with some taste
    The Pink Tutu: who chooses good works
    Ro Carver: a lot of the art that’s here is on parcels people bought
    Ro Carver: we don’t choose it
    Ro Carver: it’s hard to judge art, anyway
    The Pink Tutu: you should, this is horrible
    Gemma Allen: only the artists are invited and they bring their works
    Gemma Allen: this one is not invited but purchased the plot
    Gemma Allen: so
    Gemma Allen: 🙂
    Ro Carver: I’m not sure what the meaning is for this piece
    Gemma Allen: Yes-ah!
    Gemma Allen: me too
    The Pink Tutu: They buy places to add something so ugly?????
    Gemma Allen: when i frist saw it a few weeks ago i thought it was temporary to hold the plot
    Gemma Allen: ah well
    Ro Carver: I don’t think it’s that bad
    Ro Carver: it would be helpful if the figure weren’t all black so we could see details and features
    Ro Carver: I’m not sure what the glass blocks around it are for
    Olz Amat: actually they are criticsizing Sca’s work
    Olz Amat: it seems
    Ro Carver: all art is criticized
    The Pink Tutu: Work??? This is not a work
    Ro Carver: isn’t that what it’s for?
    Olz Amat: like many of pieces around, as i can see
    Ro Carver: to look at and determine the meaning?
    The Pink Tutu: This is occupying precious space
    Ro Carver: it’s part of the event
    Olz Amat: this place is full of kitsch
    Ro Carver: some people may think this is a great piece, and others may not agree
    Olz Amat: and a desert
    Ro Carver shrugs
    Ro Carver: it’s dark, and that could be part of the meaning
    Gemma Allen: have you visited teh temple?
    Gemma Allen: or the guru stage?
    Gemma Allen: dont miss the top of the stage is like another world
    Gemma Allen: like a space ship i love it
    The Pink Tutu: I dont like dark, I prefer a nice disco or a quiz
    Olz Amat: i was hanging around with my real avie and got ejected without knowing why
    The Pink Tutu: Maybe you deserve it
    Olz Amat: sorry????
    Olz Amat: deserve????
    The Pink Tutu: there are a lot of people trying to disturb this event
    Olz Amat: what is to be disturbed
    The Pink Tutu: and a lot of volunteers work hard to make this happen
    Olz Amat: its as quiet as a grave here
    Olz Amat: not a reason to eject people who just hang around
    Ro Carver: if you had an av that was banned, you could ask why
    The Pink Tutu: of which alot are severe hadicapt in real life
    The Pink Tutu: and have nothing else to do
    The Pink Tutu: they should be respected for their work
    Olz Amat: are you talking about me?
    The Pink Tutu: No, the people who organise this
    Olz Amat: they have handicaps?
    The Pink Tutu: who are bullied by your kind
    Olz Amat: my kind, what do you know about my kind?
    The Pink Tutu: Most of the rangers have severe health issues
    The Pink Tutu: and this is their last thing they can do, so they deserve some respect
    Olz Amat: sorry for them, but thats not a reason either
    Ro Carver laughs
    Ro Carver: you two are funny
    Olz Amat: i did not know this event was for handicaped
    The Pink Tutu: Wouldnt you like to have something when your brain was not workong well anymore?
    Olz Amat: first time i hear it
    Olz Amat: i am always very glad when people can do things when they have a problem
    The Pink Tutu: now whats your problem
    Ro Carver: it’s always good when people who have problems can do things
    The Pink Tutu: ?
    Olz Amat: my problem is that i was visiting and i got ejected
    The Pink Tutu: Why are you attacking those brave rangers?
    Ro Carver laughs
    Olz Amat: i was attacked
    Olz Amat: and ejected
    The Pink Tutu: who work day and night?
    Olz Amat: laughs, too
    The Pink Tutu: laughs too
    Gemma Allen: ♥ LOL ♥
    Gemma Allen: sits down for this
    Olz Amat: *yawns*
    Olz Amat: boring
    Olz Amat: poofs
    Ro Carver: that was pretty funny
    Ro Carver: thanks!
    Gemma Allen GIGGLES!!
    Gemma Allen: …LOL…
    The Pink Tutu: gone
    The Pink Tutu: that is how you have to deal with those idiots
    Ro Carver: we just enjoy the show
    Ro Carver: we knew that was coming, lol
    The Pink Tutu: ofcourse you know because only with us this event is not boring

  4. (lainey.thorne): Hiya Wanda
    Lovely Dawes: uoh
    Remi Lycheborne: wtf
    Lovely Dawes: *OMG* !!
    (lainey.thorne): o.O
    Lovely Dawes: amazing
    Caro Fayray: um?
    Lovely Dawes: she needs to be saved
    (lainey.thorne): apparently
    wow I thought this was a place to be creative
    (lainey.thorne): sl always it so interesting
    Lovely Dawes: oh was that it ?
    Stormie Windlow: lol
    Jayda Lycheborne: wishful wanda needs a heel in her ass
    Remi Lycheborne: i derendered her
    Barbs Kurka: Bye Bye 😀
    Barbs Kurka: wanda, get a life
    Second Life: Teleport completed from

  5. The Pink Tutu: People can still build?
    The Pink Tutu: I think this is much to high. I can almost not seen the beautiful bumblebee anymore
    NEEKS KARU: hello.. trolling early?
    The Pink Tutu: No, that guy is building large things here
    The Pink Tutu: Is that allowed?
    The Pink Tutu: He removed it, good. Problem solved
    NEEKS KARU: we have a set of rules and guidelines as you are aware 🙂
    The Pink Tutu: Now only that thing looking like cowshit remains
    The Pink Tutu: I dont understand this
    The Pink Tutu: btw, may I say you look extremely attractive?
    NEEKS KARU: ty.. sorry but I am not ging to be baited for blog fodder 🙂
    The Pink Tutu: I never read blogs, I prefer a good night dancing
    NEEKS KARU: plenty of DJ’s around to dance to here 🙂
    The Pink Tutu: You dont want to go dancing with me some night?
    NEEKS KARU: sorry.. I’m working atm 🙂
    The Pink Tutu: You are really beautiful, you know that?
    The Pink Tutu: Are you single?
    NEEKS KARU: sorry.. no I am not
    The Pink Tutu: DOnt you want to become single, so we could go out for some diner?
    NEEKS KARU: laughs.. flattered.. but no :/
    The Pink Tutu: Come lie here with me
    The Pink Tutu: nobody is watching
    NEEKS KARU: lol… hmmmmmm you know that dust gets everywhere right?
    The Pink Tutu: I will lick all the dust of again
    NEEKS KARU: ummm… tho.. your not quite.. got the right bits for me
    The Pink Tutu: You only want it longer as 25 meters?
    NEEKS KARU: actually.. it’s not the size.. it is what you do with it….

  6. SaveMe Oh is basically too much a coward to be directly involved and work on a real change to the problems she tries to address. Much easier to troll a bunch of people into pretending they know what’s best for everyone.

    SaveMe Oh’s solution to injustice and fascism: Wear a big prim.

      • If you want to be involved in Burn2, I’m sure you could be. You could even be the ranger that doesn’t ban people. Then you could help them understand your point of view with what we like to call ‘sweat equity.’

        But instead you bring the chat logs, because you’re a coward.

      • If you make them unban me after 2 years I will be a re-a-ranger in BURN, If you unban me in LEA I will let it flourish as it always does when I am not banned there. Put me somewhere and the place get’s alive! Didn’t I even get you more or less alive? Pity it turned out that your alive version is a dictator! But when you step aside LEA 5 will be a melting pot of ideas, events, interactions and fun again!

  7. The Pink tutu: hey NEeks, I love your walkie talkie
    NEEKS KARU:hi Pink… hows you?
    NEEKS KARU:me too.. it’s neat huh?
    The Pink tutu: when you going out for a diner with me?
    ROSE: walkie talkies?
    Jazzmin Solar: Rose controls everyone’s alts 🙂
    The Pink tutu: NEEKS has such a sexy walkie talkie
    NEEKS KARU:well… sadly… I had to decline again Pink
    NEEKS KARU:and sadly.. gonna have to ask you get off the art work .. and downsize your signage
    The Pink tutu: Neeks, can you unban some friends for us, they would love to come too?
    ROSE: neeks,?? are you serious?
    NEEKS KARU:Rose.. you know the deal.. no debates.. blog away
    ROSE: uh, NO I do not know the deal
    ROSE: why no debates?
    ROSE: is this not a free world
    Milos: we can debate each other Rose
    Milos: just not with Rangers … it’s part of the Ranger Code of Honor
    The Pink tutu: Neeks, you are live on television now, is that ok?

  8. You were banned for repeatedly rudeness, not because you are “too creative” perhaps you should just stop cussing at others.

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