That’s Why It’s Called A Uniform

We already were killed, banned and burned by the notorious art police of PIRATS who were wearing black uniforms with a sort of Nazi bandage around their arm to expose their moral superiority, this month we were mass banned by another force who takes great pleasure in the hunting down of free minded artists to protect their BURN Rangers headquarters.

Night and day they spent their precious time against people who try to think for themselves and who want to destroy their free, by the Linden provided, playgrounds. And guess what, they also wear great uniforms. And not only that, but in the early morning, just after sunrise they raise the Stars and Stripes, swear their loyalty to the upper Linden and prepare for duty. “Without our dedication, sacrifices, and passion for banning intruders like SaveMe Oh and her minions and acolytes who are responsible for over-crowding and abuse, the real art lover would not have been able to continue enjoying the marvellous art at BURN2, if it was not for our selfless efforts to burn and kill this unwanted individuals” says BURN Ranger Neeks Karu

.Ranger Slatan Dryke

The BURN Rangers uniform has a distinctive look and integrity. According to Ronon Carver “The uniform today is basically the same as that envisioned in 1920. Even though it now has shoes and trousers instead of boots and breeches, there are still far more similarities than differences. The cut of the dress coat has been altered somewhat to accommodate the women in the service, but the color remains the forest green laid down in the early years, and the buttons and collar ornaments have survived long enough to become a tradition,” says Carver.

When old hands like EmCee Widget say: “the more things change, the more they remain the same” it’s nowhere truer than in the Burn Rangers Service.

Ranger Barbs Kurka

“Our goal as spelled out in our regulations is to maintain a neutral image encouraging approachability with the broadest spectrum of the visiting public.’ In other words, there really isn’t any room for individuality; that’s why it’s called a uniform.”

Ranger Ladyslipper Constantine

Ranger Neeks Karu

Ranger Gemma Cleanslade

Ranger Radioactive

17 thoughts on “That’s Why It’s Called A Uniform

      • You’re having a hard time figuring out whether to be contemptible of someone who wears your uniform, or whether you feel all warm and powerful inside because of it.

        This internal conflict is what drives you to harass people. It’s the easiest way to divide them into either of the two groups you hate.

      • It’s a real problem for you, isn’t it? You hand out a SaveMe uniform, and then hate on others for having a uniform on the playa.

        They’re just people trying to do something, which is why you feel a need to troll your friends about it. Look how clever SaveMe is… she figured out that there are rules at Burn2, and that they have brown shirts. Therefore…. FASCISM!

        At the RL Burning Man the rangers have uniforms, too. It’s so you can tell who’s a ranger and who isn’t. It actually matters.

        See, if you wanted to *really* troll them, you’d make a ranger uniform and hand it out to everybody, and tell them to go to Burn 2. But instead you’re trolling your friends here. Much easier for a coward such as yourself to avoid the larger discussion of your own relevance.

      • Solo, I see a new future for you. You are suddenly so full of good idea’s that it might be worth for you to consider joining our group of minions and acolythes. Your latest ideas are so funny, I already see you sitting behind your Singer sewing machine designing new hilarious rangers suits and after handing them out with a big smile on your face, saying: I rescued LEA and now I will rescue BURN. But why again that repeating troll mantra, can’t you just enjoy being part of a freedom movement? Resistance if futile as the new freedom makes us all so happy that it will defeat easily your hidden implementation of fascism.

      • Unban me and let’s enjoy together the freedom movement and let’s find out in complete freedom who knows or not knows what we are talking about.

  1. I am horribly jealous. How come that I did not get this uniform, being among your faithful, blind and without brains servants-followers? I want one, now! Otherwise, I shall fill an abuse report.
    And even worse, you get a free psychotherapy by a specialist.
    This is really not fair.
    Sobs. Howls. Sighs.

  2. That´s the problem of snobish people like you, that think the all world is under their feet, and the rules doesn`t apply to. They see the reality in their own little world, without respect to the others that live in the big picture. And then distort reality in the way its better for them. First Burn is not Linden giving land!!! its paid by some altruistic people!!! second rangers don`t have permission to ban! you place Barbs as a ranger, and she is not! and i can go on and on, in all the lies you tell about Burn is your blog! Shame on you!!! Was hilarious if all the lies you said were the truth!!! Open your eyes to the world, and see it how it is, not how you wanted it to be, attacking people, that only thing they want is to live in a better world!

  3. The Pink tutu: I dont know how to reduce the size, its a gift
    Ronon Carver: would you mind using the one you’ve been using this past week? The one that had just one banner?
    The Pink tutu: They asked me to use this
    Ronon Carver: ok. Would you mind changing to the single banner one?
    The Pink tutu: I dont have it anymore
    Ronon Carver: I can probably find you a copy
    The Pink tutu: and they say this one has more inpact
    The Pink tutu: maybe you can let my friends back in so they can do the work themselve
    Ronon Carver: It’s larger, but perhaps doesn’t have the impact that the other one had
    Ronon Carver: with the other one, people could see you and come up and talk to you
    The Pink tutu: It catched your attention, so it works well
    Ronon Carver: and your lighting was more visible
    Ronon Carver: they both caught our attention
    The Pink tutu: But are you going to let all the people back in?
    The Pink tutu: you banned very much people
    Ronon Carver: I’m sorry, I can’t discuss actions against other participants with you
    The Pink tutu: I can understand that. Police always have an oath of silence
    Ronon Carver: 🙂

  4. I’m not a ranger, try again. Also how do pics of “rangers” in non-ranger clothing prove your ridiculous point??

    You seem to have a parcel for rent right next to yours and Kadinsky’s, I wonder if you need a new neighbor?

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