The Regrets Of A Backstabber

A real futuristic experiment with cinema in virtual words that could chance the perspective on machinima making and enjoying was sadly sacrificed because of the trouble in the organising committee from AviewTV. Glasz didn’t like Ginette, Ginette didn’t like Glasz, they both first sandwiched LaPiscean Liberty with their love to win his love, but at the end nobody loved eachother anymore and the SaveMe Oh Retrospective was gone before it could even start. And now, a few weeks later Glasz comes begging……for a “SECRET” meeting……

As If great artists like me need all those wannabe organisers, galleryowners and agents. When I need somebody to promote my work I will ask for it myself.

Glasz DeCuir: Toc-toc?

SaveMe Oh: Yes dear?

Glasz DeCuir: Will like to invite you directly to the Secret meeting

SaveMe Oh: Why?

Glasz DeCuir: In fact I think you are more able than me to move that project

SaveMe Oh: I am more able then anybody to move projects but why should I move your projects?

Glasz DeCuir: Isn’t “mine” project, is only a group sharing ideas about the present and future

SaveMe Oh: So whose project it is?

Glasz DeCuir: who’s? do you like copyleft ideas? do you like rebeld movements? do you think you can bring fresh figthing ways outside second life? If the answer is yes, come, please

SaveMe Oh: And why should I work together with you who behaved as a spoiled child and ruined the SaveMe Oh Retrospective?

Glasz DeCuir: i haven’t ruined that

SaveMe Oh: Yes you did

Glasz DeCuir: nop i wetn. Im not responsable of other decisions

SaveMe Oh: By your childish behavior it was deleted before it had started. I had to suffer because your childish games with LaPiscean and Ginette. Without knowing why the 3 of you needed to powerplay with eachother

Glasz DeCuir: if thats the important thing for you, im sorry

SaveMe Oh: You behave like a spoiled child and now I have to “move” another project for you? Hire a srink!

Glasz DeCuir: But yes probably you arrived in a bad moment. I was not figthing for power, thats what anyone understand here…

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want to understand this childish behavior. I am an artist and don’t have time for this childplay

Glasz DeCuir: Good-bye, a pity

SaveMe Oh: And on 28 december I hope to be on a beach with a nice Pina Colada

5 thoughts on “The Regrets Of A Backstabber

  1. Pretty sneaky, SaveMe, putting my name in the tags of the post so Ill catch it and be forced to respond…haha! But seriously…..

    I will publish the FULL ACCOUNT someplace else soon, but for now let me say this:

    There was no soap opera when I left AviewTV. I simply refused to be associated with the thug mentality which suddenly had sprung up there. After about a year of bending over backwards for that organisation (which i really did care about) I suddenly found myself being attacked and threatened by Glasz DeCuir, who ha s’come back; after a very long absence and wanted to direct all of my actions. Up until then I assumed it to be language-barrier issues, but as it turned into actual threats, the truth was impossible to ignore any longer.

    I could have easily managed the threats and worked on a solution, but sadly, the CEO of the organisation made a very poor decision: he did not back me up at all, but instead, chose to give the ‘bully’ large responsibilities which made a working environment unworkable. Instead of taking a stand for professionalism, the CEO simply removed my content and my role in the organisation. I suppose he voted for the brat.

    It is very sad that a possible dynamic and exciting organisation like AviewTV has had its public ‘face’ ruined by this unprofessional nonsense. Maybe the CEO will wake up; maybe not. It’s a real shame.

  2. “the SaveMe Oh Retrospective was gone before it could even start”

    We didn’t even have time to stage a proper protest about the killing of cinema by the evil SaveMe Oh!

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