Pre Teens Are Your Nurses In The Near Future

At UWA a few sad artists were again together to give eachother some awards, as they do every month. When you don’t have a huge collection of UWA awards yet you are a reallllllllllll loser!


Corcosman Voom: Yay, Save me, SaveMe : ))

Air: The pres is here

Sir Real: Oh wow, that’s awesome SaveMe!

Air: that sure is

nexuno Thespian: ahhahaha where is a party is saveme ahhahahahaha

Taralyn Gravois: everyone give SaveMe attention she has entered the room and wants to make everyone’s life miserable till they notice her

Air: Wow

FreeWee Ling: Always the drama queen. heehee

Corcosman Voom: Aww….you can always give someone a temp Block/Mute

Air: Who ever says they don’t like drama..

SaveMe Oh: Shut up you old fashioned idiots

Air: lies a little

SaveMe Oh: with your silly awardshows

Secret Rage: yupssss WAS fun…see yall

nexuno Thespian: i ve always a pics of saveme in underwear closed into a big duck ahhahahahaahaha

SaveMe Oh: did you all give eachtother a prize again today?

Taralyn Gravois: too bad you don’t enter legitimately the contests saveme..your work is good when you aren’t trying to be the center of attention

SaveMe Oh: shut up fool

Taralyn Gravois: and not ackowledging other should really support other artists

SaveMe Oh: I dont enter IKEA art awardshows

Taralyn Gravois: why don’t you support other artists

Air: I’m loving this wall of wonder wandering .

Air: a mobile dance floor

Taralyn Gravois: yes she has many of them Air

SaveMe Oh: these awardshows only exist to make the organisers feeling important

Air: LOL SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: like the Taralyns and FreeWees

Taralyn Gravois: and is gives you something to plan to interupt

SaveMe Oh: those people who think what is good for art

Taralyn Gravois: don’t forget that…you get better and better at it

SaveMe Oh: I dont plan

SaveMe Oh: I just go

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist

SaveMe Oh: I dont have to plan

Taralyn Gravois: all the people here are artists….well except me

Taralyn Gravois: i just admire it

SaveMe Oh: you all need months to think out these silly awardshows

SaveMe Oh: real artists only have to appear to make it happen

Mrs. Mia Wallace: nicer that we ignore this chat

SaveMe Oh: So what awardshow we have next week?

SaveMe Oh: and what is the prizemoney this time?

Air: I want to know how these walls work

SaveMe Oh: all artworks glued in the silly UWA boxes agian?

SaveMe Oh: that no one ever watches?

Air: The living Award must have fallen over

Mrs. Mia Wallace: you know what i was trained about bullys?

Mrs. Mia Wallace: they are bullyed themselves…so they bully feel strong

SaveMe Oh: When I need desperately an award I build one myself

Mrs. Mia Wallace: its sad, let hug save me oh

SaveMe Oh: ah, the local srink is also here?

Sir Real: Think I’ve had it with the pre-teen

SaveMe Oh: pre teens are your nurses in the near future

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