Would Pablo Have Agreed?

Now would have Pablo liked it when performance artists in a virtual world would occupy a 3D version of his work Guernica and added all kinds of absurd items to it, would he shout: “Hey Salvador, ask Cheesus if he is also in the mood to play?”

Or would he say: “Please respect the hard working individuals who spend weeks in imitating me, who didn’t choose for the simple solution by hanging a 2D copy of my work in a frame on a wall, but really rebuild it as in real in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain?

Fact is that when you interact with a work in SL the question is not far away why you don’t respect the work or the artist who made it. And my question again and again is why we have to pretend to be in RL in a museum. From where comes the need to create again the distance between a creator and a spectator when the work is completely 3D? And why it is forced upon us to behave like respectful spectators who move organised on a prefabricated danceball and are forced to write in our chatbox “CLAP, CLAP” or “APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE”.

Forgotten time after time is that the work can be viewed the next day with nobody there, that avatars and objects can be muted and that you could also participate in exploring a work.

Forgotten is the large movement of artists meeting eachother in the cafe’s in Paris or Barcelona, or during the ballets in Moscow. Crossover between them was the facebook of their time. But in the wannabe artworld of SL there seems only space for the primgluers who want us to sit back in apathetic devotion. Just after escaping television in search for a more dynamic and interactive world we are forced again back in our seats.

What has to be said is that the creators of this work in LEA, London Junkers & Lizzie Gudkov didn’t had any objection of using their work or explore it, so I hope in secret it is their goal that their work is to be used. No, it was again a visitor who felt the need to defend his private national treasure.


Orsini Tarantal: want to give a message with the logos of SL?

SaveMe Oh: did it feel like a message?

SaveMe Oh: what you think it could mean?

Orsini Tarantal: an insult to the pain of the Spanish who lived through this horror?

SaveMe Oh: A celebration of creativity which destroys horror in the end?

Orsini Tarantal: that’s what you want to do, insult the Spanish?

SaveMe Oh: No, why should I?

SaveMe Oh: Is this not about freedom in the end?

Orsini Tarantal: really know the meaning of this picture?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I saw it in Madrid

Orsini Tarantal: I hope no one goes to your country to insult you

SaveMe Oh: Insults keep the people awake

SaveMe Oh: and we are here not on a memorial site but in an artsim

Orsini Tarantal: You do not need people like you wake us, and much less with the logos of SL, people are much more awake than you think

SaveMe Oh: Glad to hear that

Orsini Tarantal: then, respect the work of others, and others will respect yours

SaveMe Oh: Respect is a word we don’t use in art

Orsini Tarantal: you do not know what art is

SaveMe Oh: now you offend me

Orsini Tarantal: I am a painter in, you do not

SaveMe Oh: No I am not

SaveMe Oh: Nice for you to be a painter

SaveMe Oh: I am a performance artist

Orsini Tarantal: Then, get out of here and do your nonsense elsewhere

SaveMe Oh: why you don’t come back tomorrow and have the whole place for yourself?

Orsini Tarantal: because today I’m here, I’m Spanish and this is a work of great significance for the Spanish, and you are ignorant of art and history

SaveMe Oh: In case you didn’t notice the people who made this, made it in 3d, so I suppose they want us to climb on it? Otherwise they could hang a reproduction of the Picasso painting here in 2d

Orsini Tarantal: ignorance is arrogant, but it’s worse to believe you’re better than others. I advise an exercise in humility and you dissolve into nothingness

SaveMe Oh: Where you stole that quote?

13 thoughts on “Would Pablo Have Agreed?

  1. We are back to NOTHING again.

    I agree that in SL we should feel free to interact with each others work.
    But then really interact, extend on what is created, responding on the spirit of the project. We actually have a world of time to do that.
    This art work will be here at least for the next 3 months.

    About the opening, I have a different opinion and sensitivity.
    Why not grant the creators that moment of applauding and give them the time and space to show to an appreciative audience how they have intended the work? It is not up to us to judge if this work deserves it or not. When we become judges it will mean the end of any art movement.
    In that respect there is no difference between RL and SL.
    Most rl art installation are also 3D and you can wander around , it still does not mean you will start singing loud or take out your paintbrush.

    Ofcourse we can mute and derender in sl, but to derender the love of my SL it just a step to far)

  2. Here a Spanish man was about to interact in RL:
    “I can’t stand “Guernica”, which I nonetheless helped to hang. Everything about it makes me uncomfortable–the grandiloquent technique as well as the way it politicizes art. Both Alberti and José Bergamín share my aversion; in fact, all three of us would be delighted to blow up the painting, but I suppose we’re too old to start playing with explosives.” Luis Bunuel, surrealist and filmmaker/director

  3. You are nothing but a lame piece of nonsense shit saveme oh. To start with just because you saw the painting in Madrid doesnt make you the owner of the rights to anything. Disrespect is disrespect here there and anywhere. Start making your own pieces and then you can talk…oh sorry perhaps you dont even have the guts to do so, your minuscule mind doesnt let you even attack others without the help and support of your mindless possy. You are SHIT!! Yes Saveme, pure, raw stupid crap. No one apart from your helpless little crappy friends like you. You know it. Learn your facts and stick a rod up your ass, anonimity gives you the perfect curtain to play your little bullshit games but we all know you are a worthless piece of shit in real world. OLE tus huevos pedazo de hijo/a de puta mierda de ser vivo. MUERETE!!

    • An ugly mouth full about disrespect!
      My advice :Don’t throw a ball at anyone when you can’t catch it yourself. Guernica is a memorial about war, hate and destruction.
      The message should always be remembered and stay alive.
      Picasso himself said, “Hang a painting on a wall and you have forgotten it”. By interacting with it we do not forget.
      That is what Londen and Lizzie did. And that is also what Save and her friends are doing.
      My second advice: go back to the painting and look at it again.
      But this time really look.
      Maybe you realize that shouting anonymous insults is the opposite of what the painting is about!

  4. Hello my name is SaveMe Oh and i am a retard. My passtime is to go grieffing around and think that I am very funny but I am just an annoyance and nobody likes me. Anyway, I am a lonely person who is worthless and smell like shit.

    saveme oh

  5. Hello my name is SaveMe Oh and i am a retard. My passtime is to go grieffing around and think that I am very funny but I am just an annoyance and nobody likes me. Anyway, I am a lonely person who is worthless . I am probably ill (mind wise) so accept my appologies for being so dum..

    saveme oh

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