Machinima Is Dead

She is the most exciting machinima maker of her generation. But Dutch/Japanese enfant terrible SaveMe Oh caused a stir at the Machinima Expo 2012 yesterday by launching an attack on modern machinima and claiming the medium’s days are numbered.

“If you shoot a machinima festival organiser in the brain on Monday, his cock is still erected and wiggling on Friday. Machinima is brain dead,” said SaveMe Oh, who has shocked and delighted audiences, often simultaneously, with movies such as SaveMe 109, Turn Oh and Love Can Work A Miracle.

“Machinima’s death date was 31 April 2008, when the controlled viewer seat was introduced by Josina Burgess and Velazquez Bonetto in their horrible remakes of The Wall from Pink Floyd and later Metropolis from Fritz Lang. Where interactive cinema and world wide mult-media art experiences were on the brink of breaking through those people threw us back in our old-fashioned cinema seats to be consumers and spectators again,” she told an also almost dead masterclass.

It should be noted that April has 30 days.

Known for her uncompromising views of art, the universe and everything in between, SaveMe Oh said that new film-makers should look instead at new, interactive forms that involve the spectators that are present in virtual worlds. “The people did not escape endless nights on a couch watching television to be chained to a chair again in a virtual world” she said when she surprised the inactive and almost dead audience with a live performance that covered the machinima screens in the glitzy Machinima Expo 2012 sim.

There were gasps among Machinima Expo visitors when she took aim at some of the biggest names. “Here’s a real provocation: My worst movie is worth 10 Bryn Oh’s. Bryn Oh is old-fashioned and is making the same films that Walt Disney was making last century,” she said.

She added that cinema should not be “a playground for Flufee McFluff”. “Cinema is wasted on cinema – who wants a mesh rat as a bedtime story for braindeads?” she asked.

Warning her audience that she liked a fight, SaveMe Oh dismissed a comment by one of her minions and acolytes in the audience, who said her films were proof that machinima was very much alive, describing her remarks as “nothing” and “tutu”. Earlier, she said a line in Icelandic, perplexing the American translators. “Every medium has to be redeveloped, otherwise we would still be looking at Chantal Harvey movies… New electronic film-making means the potential for expanding the participation of visitors during viewings has become very rich indeed.”

The generation “who grew up with more time in their secondlife then in their real life” wanted greater participation and “to do away with the elitism of sim owners and awardshow organisers”, replacing it with a cinema based on participation rather than consuming. “We’re still like sheep’s in a Bryn Oh movie moving in the directed way – what a waste of time,” she said.

“We’re obliged to look at new media… it’s exciting and stimulating, and I believe we will have an interactive machinima which will make Iono Allen’s ”art about art” redundant as we are ourselves interacting with the art alive,” SaveMe said.

She said the only film-makers who might escape the dead of machinima are probably the Icelandic’s, including Returned Resident, who make movies that we don’t understand a shit about, so we better support that.”

2 thoughts on “Machinima Is Dead

  1. Andre Lopes from SLactions group wrote this before he kicked me out of the group on facebook:
    Ok, the situation of Saveria exceeded the limits, I don’t tolerate disrespect at all (no one has the right to come here and harass the others, PERIOD). Much less I don’t tolerate anyone who did reportedly willingly spam, an unorthodox manner to draw attention to their work “magnificent.” This group has a certain goal as possible, of course we are not perfect and WE accept criticism, disrespect NO, please! I apologize to the others.

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