Stay Frozen When You Can’t Stand The Heat

They invite you for the event Liquid Song from my friends Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, they confront you with a situation, frozen, ice, cold and you participate by bringing some warmth and colorfull spring, the people who created it like the interaction and the simowners……they ban you.

SaveMe Oh: I am freezing

Liquid Song: Please enable Sound Effects in your Preferences, for best results use headphones.

CapCat Ragu: Hi save

simba Schumann: Hi saveme

SaveMe Oh: hi, do I have to warm you up dear?

CapCat Ragu: if you want

CapCat Ragu: I think I need to!

SaveMe Oh: there you go girl

CapCat Ragu: I’ll go back to my liquid form

SaveMe Oh: i sacrifice myself to keep you warm

CapCat Ragu: Thank you! 🙂

Wizardoz Chrome: Ty Save 🙂

CapCat Ragu: meilo will melt too

SaveMe Oh: and dont we need some flowers? to trigger spring?

Quan Lavender: awwwh, nice warm! Burn the witch, that is good 🙂

SaveMe Oh: its not so freezing anymore

CapCat Ragu: now it’s warm

SaveMe Oh: and cosy and the lag warms everybody

CapCat Ragu: Yes, lol


simba Schumann: SaveMe sorry

simba Schumann: but we have great lag problems in sim

simba Schumann: so I ask you to leave your outfit please

simba Schumann: save me

simba Schumann: please

simba Schumann: I don’t want to have to bann you

ChrisTower Dae: saveme please……:)

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you wanted to ban me!

SaveMe Oh: you just did


CapCat Ragu: that’s funny

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

CapCat Ragu: they’ll unban you


simba Schumann: sorry save

simba Schumann: you can return

simba Schumann: but please

simba Schumann: don’t wear too much weight outfit

SaveMe Oh: dont be silly

SaveMe Oh: You want to organise events but get scared when it becomes an event!

simba Schumann: I love you saveme, you know it

SaveMe Oh: love will not do

simba Schumann: but we have lag problems

SaveMe Oh: Then dont organise events

SaveMe Oh: or invite only 10 people

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