Yes Box Checked


You are aware that it is illegal to occupy the new Licking Every Ass performance sim 2 and change its name in the SaveMe Oh Reservation.



You know that you should first fill in an application form, that you can achieve online, to ask permission for the right to perform.



You know that LEA is not an organisation to support art but is an retired old dictators lobby who are playing together the game: How can we invent every day new rules that keeps us in power forever and grants us free building space and frustrates artists as they will never get what they need to realise their plans.


You know that it is forbidden to perform when Jayjay Zifanwe, Bryn Oh, Werner Kurosawa and Solo Mornington are thinking, ruling, manipulating, refusing, denying, banning, ejecting, frustrating, judging, punishing and deciding.



You know that our not responding to your unauthorised occupation of the performance sim doesn’t mean that we will soon take severe actions to wipe you out for once and for all.



You are aware that it also takes a lot of time to lick the asses of the Linden so we cannot be available all the time to witness your spontaneous outburst of so called creativity.



You are aware that every picture or movie taken without the presence of the holy Werner Kurosawa sign/watermark is a violation of our self invented rules or the rules that we will still going to invent.



You are aware that all lag produced by you or by the collective of minions and acolytes that gets above the standard norm invented by us will bring you closer to a ban for life.



You are aware that Solo Mornington just pretends to be a volunteer, Jayjay Zifanwe pretends to be an art lover, Werner Kurosawa pretends to be an architect, Bryn Oh pretends to be an artist, DanCoyote Antonelli pretends to be a nice person.


You are aware that  as long as we rule you don’t have the slightest chance on freedom of the arts.

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