Fart For India

As it is almost Christmas and I also have to take care of a nice place in heaven next to Cheesus once my secondlife has ended I decided to help out Rubberlips (Quan Lavender) in her charity event for SOS Children India. She wanted my music machines for the event. Now everybody knows I hate dogs, children, tomatojuice and flutes so why should I articipate to save the little creeps who are polluting our mother earth on a scale that is never seen before?

The only answer is I am the only artist in secondlife capable of doing art that people would actually pay for.

The first work that you can buy to save some little creeps is the famous work F-ART. Only for 500 linden you are the owner of a work that enables you to create inworld wild farting compositions that will astonish large audiences. And with the Linden the organisation earns when you buy this work of art, SOS Children India will buy bags of brown beans that will also give poor children in India the joy of loud farts after they have eaten them.


Another work that benefits the organisation is Gravesounds. I first thought to send this work to India but as they have the strange custom to burn their dead or even throw little children in the Ganges River that made no sense. So also this work is for sale and your 250 Linden will help SOS Children India.

This is the last time I participate in an event to save children. You only have to ask me again when there is a plan to sterilise the entire worldpopulation or when we agree in setting a heavy tax for every person who produces a child.


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