Preaching For Do It Yourself Salad Bars

As the aging hippies of CARP already keep me banned for years I could not go in person to their new remake of the Holy Bible, THE CHANGE. But my lawyer Bock McMillan was so kind to make a secret videotape of the show so I could see the doom loaded apocalyptic finger pointing angry at me.

Where most religions take centuries to develop CARP only had this new path of enlightment in concept for 4 years and where Jesus had to rehearse 33 years before salvation, the CARPIES rehearsed 2 years very active and almost saved the planet.

Now what we get? Pollution, doom and filthy gutters in which the angels Medora and TheDove Rhode will let us know there is no future.

On endless Pink Floyd imitations of Junivers Stockholm we have to learn how bad humanity is and that we should stop consuming, polluting and disturbing mother earth.

Junivers and Josina ask us:

How could it go so wrong?

When will we wake up, when will we change it?

Why do we choose to be so selfish?

We went to church every week, what can we do?

The earth is doomed, now it’s too late to change society

We might as well give up

Democracy for all, nobody has to fall (while they keep me banned for more than 2 years)


TheDove Rhode: Think Before you speak for all men or women!!


TheDove Rhode: Peace IS A Choice

Bock McMillan shouts: Don´t pee on the grain!

TheDove Rhode: Tact and Truth make for Calm!

junivers Stockholm shouts: STOP THE BANKS

junivers Stockholm shouts: CHANGE LEADERS

TheDove Rhode: Take power from Hate..Off respect!!!

TheDove Rhode: Universe is not a myth

But Cheesus says: It’s not too late

Never saw such a pathetic bullshit in all my secondlife, all done in a large sphere where they serve us with a slideshow. This is not a rock opera but a meeting of the scientology church preaching for do it yourself salad bars.

When I was Greenpeace I would sink all my ships now.

And the famous CARP chairs, you ask me??? Still the same. Glued to the ground so you can’t run away while they pour their texture diarrhoea above you.

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