I Was Not Born To Be Audience

As Cheesus was not born to be a car salesman, and Donald Duck was not born to be served in an orange sauce in a French restaurant I was not born to be audience. I was born as an artwork. And my screen is the frame around the artwork.

Now some people try always to force me in the role of audience. They build a nice chair for me with some funny pose in it as if I am relaxed sitting and watching and some are even so kind to adjust some extra poses so your virtual blood keeps running. In CARP they already try to glue me for years in their ugly seats to force me to be audience. As if I was born to be witness of their childish outings how the world can still be saved with a flower. Behind the flowers are security guards on high alert to watch every move of me closely to be able of killing me on the spot if I dare to wink an eye.

Now in the Odyssey sim they don’t behave like that and they try to act as if they are happy to see you but you hear them grind teeth.

And then it starts; they tell you that your work looks rather good and has a lot of potential but…….I should be aware that every performance I pass by in SL could turn out to be a SMO show and could get boring quickly as I behave like a work of art all the time.

Now let make things clear once and for all.

Everything that appears in SL in my screen I accept as a challenge to contribute, interact and improvise. As a work of art I refuse to be told in my screen to step away, sit down or stop. If people don’t want me, they don’t invite me; they ban me or mute me. Simple as that.

Now ofcourse they don’t mute me because when they do they can’t see what I do, and more important, they can’t see if the ones who were born to be audience might probally like it.

And when I tell them they are in my screen they argue that I am also in their screen…hey…that’s their choice to have me in their screen!!!!!

So when they complain that I turn all their hard efforts to perform into backdrops of my work I want to shout to them: DON’T INVITE ME! or BE THANKFUL!

Now there is another competition going on. Which work of art or artist does SaveMe Oh disturbs the most??? Here is a list:

  • Art that could be done in 1 minute instead of 2 hours I love to upgrade
  • Art that is not art I love to artarise
  • Art that is based on glitches, interfaces, bots and pics of chatboxes
  • The work of Betty Tureaud as a whole as she is the living perfect backdrop
  • Notecard art. When the people read the notecards about what is the art all about I already entertain the public for hours while they are all still reading and reading about what the art should be about but they still don’t get it.
  • Exclusive art. The art made for the happy incrowd from the inner inner circle. How great to blow up that circle.
  • French art, just disturbed by me on humanitarian grounds.

So if you say someday that you look forward to once work with me together I can only say, dear friend, I already work for years together with you!

5 thoughts on “I Was Not Born To Be Audience

  1. “Exclusive art. The art made for the happy incrowd from the inner inner circle. How great to blow up that circle.” Hmm…. I will specifically make no comment about that….
    But tell me you didn’t go see another CARP show???? Next time PLEASE invite me. Seeing a CARP show with you as audience is something I don’t want to miss.

  2. I share SaveMe’s hate for notecards. Otherwise these points are pointless. Like the one about art that is not art. Who is supposed to judge that? And the one about one minute art, coming from the master of one minute art!

  3. I kinda agree that with some shows the note card is bollocks but I don’t believe that one rule fits all. Flexibility is what keeps us alive, not rigidity… and that’s why sky scrapers can bend.
    Is it “allowed” when the word is in the art, like on the board in a school class, and not when the words are in a text file? Isn’t that like saying art is not art unless it is in a gallery?
    And why can’t I post in the Licking Every Ass group?

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