The Animal Obsession

You can’t open your facebook page or you get an overload of cat pics acting funny or dogs giving their best imitations of Saddam Hussein or Silvio Berlusconi. And the worst thing about this is that those pics are not posted by animal freaks of the My Little Pony collectors but by the so called artists of Secondlife. And now these people who apparently grow up with the Muppet Show and the life and dead of Bambi find it necessary to share their secret passion in works in which we have to believe that the holy animal is the perfect metaphor for the secret life of people. The talking, future telling sheep of Bryn Oh are followed up quickly by flying rats (or pigeons as some people call them) and Moby Dicks without wings to get eaten by the human faced crows of Cherry Manga while the irritating butterflies of my sweet darling Rose who dance around my face as if I have honey on my nose are more annoying than the secret police.

Fluffy Rats are trying to become the new machinima stars and then appear the stinking fish. Already have to live in a place called Two Fish now my love found it necessary to tell a story about a whale that look like a goldfish and is the sexual lust object for obscene penguins and loud screaming pigs.

Sweetest darling and almost wife of my heart, if you want to tie me up in your nets so I could never escape again, if you want to feed me with tiny bits of bacon and crispy penguins to express to me that you would kill for me, is it not more easy to just say; SaveMe, I love you?

4 thoughts on “The Animal Obsession

  1. Obviously written by a person with no imagination, and an inability to create something worthwhile enough to pull in thousands of people in a 3D medium. Jealous much?

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