Why I Won’t Go To See The Hobbit And Bryn Oh’s Flying Rats

Dear sis,

Although we are sisters I give up seeing your latest work Imogen and the flying Rats. You know very well I am deeply allergic for these flying rats and after falling of the stairs it was clear to me, this was again a waste of time. I am so tired of this Lord of the Rings art quests. Can’t you just hang your paintings somewhere on a wall?

Now it might have been a challenge for you to determine the right balance for the artwork in it being too difficult or easy to navigate but I would have preferred that you wouldn’t had forced me to going around as Harry Potters little sister to find bullshit clues like in these SL fashion hunts.  If you already have created a trigger for early emotional response then it is for severe irritation for your eager atempts turning art into a Sherlock Holmes soap.

When you want to tell a story, tell the story, when you want to touch a subject, don’t hide it. When you want us in a story build the bridge and when you like braintwisters go create crossword puzzles.

As your sis I would like to help you out a little:

For a bad person don’t use a flying rat but a bad person.

For a stupid person don’t use a talking donkey but a stupid person.

For a sensitive person who notices a lot don’t use a rabbit but a sensitive person.

For a dictator don’t use a pig but use Solo Mornington.

And for an evil person? Why you don’t ask family first?

9 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Go To See The Hobbit And Bryn Oh’s Flying Rats

  1. I think that a simplicity of content was needed in Bryn Oh’s installation. I did give up trying to see after falling a bit. For the life of me I don’t know why she makes viewing a game..She is better than that.

    • Art became a “whodonit”, spectators are forced in the role of a CSI investigator and the symbols of the symbols of the symbols are only put there because the makers want to prove their superior intelligence gained by daily wikipedia study.

      • I don’t know, maybe Bryn is just having some fun, what is wrong with that. I have just been feeling grumpy about second life and all the hunts and role playing stuff. I will keep my nose to myself and just do what I want.

  2. Recently, I took the flying chair up and bypassed the stairs. Then I was ok, I went into a hallway with multiple doors that had to do with the butterfly pin board. I liked what I experienced; multiple poems, to me, that are like a stream of consciousness. Got the feather and walked out the window. I am ashamed to say I was too hasty in judgement. I may have missed alot but the experience was nice. I do think Bryn has created her own imaginative dialogue.

    SaveMe, I have been grateful for your insight into my own thought processes especially when you have pointed out my total lack of organization of what I am trying to say,

    I struggle and envy, at times, those who can portray and dissent.

    • This is a really nice comment Penumbra. I love Bryn’s installation.
      Her work always inspires me enormously. Unfortunately envy is of all times and seemingly of all worlds. We all suffer it from time to time x

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