Don’t Let A Filthy Rat Educate Your Children

After the terror of the Teletubbies and the horror created by SpongeBob Squarepants we didn’t had to wait long before some avatar in secondlife found out he could also do funny voices. He stitched a rat together, called it Flufee, rehearsed the funny voices and of he went on a mission in which his button eyes start reflecting on the world. When he had reflected long enough (a year or so) he felt he had gained enough wisdom to start now to educate your children.

Now why are we as humans so fucked up as we are? Because from the moment we are born we are abused with dolls, teddybears, and Barbie’s. Creating a perverted view on the world that we will never be able again to get rid of anymore. Throw in some religious bullshit topping and done we are with a blueprint for another complete fucked up life. When somebody dare to touch Big Blue Bird from Sesamestreet the President himself comes immediately back from war in Afghanistan, were soldiers were pissing on their enemies, to rescue Blue Bird.

Because of these fluffy dolls we as woman are already behind in our education even before we can walk. No time is wasted to brainwash us towards our task of being a mother. To make sure we won’t back off we are forced into an addiction of fashion and consuming.

Now do we need to get rid of this Flufee? No, the day his own children grow up and see him doing still funny voices and walking around in a ratsuit they will lock him up themselves. Better is to get rid of the children for a while. I suggest we stop producing children for 20 years so we don’t need Flufee’s and Teletubbies to educate them. Children are the main contribution of the disappearing of the earth. The carbon footprint we put them on already smells like hell before they are even born. All the shit they will produce, all the diapers who will kill our environment. And because of their silly size; small; we are forced to produce everything double, small seats, small tables and special food (which looks the same as the shit they produce).

The illusion that they are produced as an outcome of love is even more silly. They are the reason the love of their parents is destroyed as the parents will have the first 20 years no more time for anything else than furfill the demonic wishes of their ever growing bloodsucker. And in times of crisis add more 20 years as the little bastards after refuse to work and say “Mum and Dad, you created the crisis so you are responsible for my bills until you die.”

When we stop the children factory for 20 years we will gain space, the demand on our natural resources will go back to the demand of the year 1800, there will be work again for everybody and the empty schools can be for 20 years shelters for the quickly disappearing homeless.

With our domestic animals we do the same, we let the Golden Retriever, the Snautzer, the poodle and the greyhound die out, as animals are not there to be “created” or  “owned”. No more dogshit, no more animalshelters and no more animal police. Give the wolf, the hyena and the coyote (unless it is a DanCoyote) some extra space and they will be happy.

When we are smart enough to get rid of religion in the same time future is secure. As religion is the Flufee doll for grown ups.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Let A Filthy Rat Educate Your Children

  1. Blah blah blah blah. Your heart just doesn’t seem to be in it.

    Maybe you should have SaveMe rape a Flufee effigy with a stick of dynamite. That’ll bring it around! And teach the kiddies well!

      • It was a filthy job that I had to do as you are by far the uglyiest creature I ever met. I am only ashamed that I was not able to finish you of as dictator of LEA yet. But that you go around disguised as a typewriter is a little step in the good direction as nobody uses them anymore. Just as people try not to use you in LEA.

  2. I am glad that our President seriously looks into the most important problems for the immediate future.
    Maybe Solos comment suggests a too simple shortcut to reach the goals for humanity´s best.

  3. Actually the rats will outlive us humans because they have no technology and they don’t mind eating our corpses. The only lesson humans need to learn is “you are not special.”

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