Why Bother Alzheimer Patients When They Will Forget Me After 5 Minutes?

When Jaynine Scarborough invited me for a fundraising concert that should benefit Alzheimer patients I was banned just after I entered the place because I was not well dressed.


Shannon Bramlington: We’re a pg sim darling

Shannon Bramlington: you’ll have to be full clothed

SaveMe Oh: I am fully clothed

Shannon Bramlington: with tape?

SaveMe Oh: does it matter with what I am fully clothed?

Shannon Bramlington: sweety we’re PG

Shannon Bramlington: LL has 6 rules we must follow in order to remain so.

SaveMe Oh: that’s why I am fully clothed, I think these rules are very important

Shannon Bramlington: You pasted my chat in local?

SaveMe Oh: Who??? Me????

Shannon Bramlington (busy response): You’re muted! Don’t you love this button?! I do it means that I can’t hear you. Why are you muted? You must have done something horrible as I rarely mute. So Shame on you. Go bother someone else, and since I don’t have to be PG in my response, FUCK OFF


Is the american version of Dancing with the stars also PG?????


3 thoughts on “Why Bother Alzheimer Patients When They Will Forget Me After 5 Minutes?

  1. Dress codes are suspect and ball gowns are more than suspect. And peeping over your shoulders, I can see that several of your ex-hosts were not really fully clothed either. But i guess the dress code was “no tape allowed”. This must be the key of this mystery.

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