Liberty Killed My Daddy

After years of exploring the metaverse in search of how we can use this new medium in relation to creating, interaction and connecting Bryn Oh finds it necessary to use the opening (after our own massive spontaneous opening from yesterday night) of the LEA art festival to copy and paste us pieces out of the Wikipedia for art in the most old-fashioned way thinkable. In the old Josina Burgess tradition the audience is forced again on chairs in which they can’t move, speak or interact. Now Bryn in her disguise as grey doll stands on a huge stage and with her rl finger on the enter button she serves us pieces of her Wikipedia knowledge. To have this difficult task not interrupted she sends her slave in Rambosuit LaPiscian Liberty to me before the “lecture” starts.

LaPiscean Liberty: Hi Save

SaveMe Oh: Hi Rambo

LaPiscean Liberty: Bryn has ask that you be pre banned, but I’m not doing it as long as you promise you won’t upset her talk

LaPiscean Liberty: if you can’t promise me that, then she is going to have you banned during her talk


When I copied and paste this little conversation in groupchat to find out what other people thought about it I found myself banned.

But my daddy volunteered to go instead of me to ask some serious questions.


Bryn Oh: In my first life I am an oil painter. One of the general goals for any artist in any medium is to have the audience engage with your artwork for as long as possible.

Bryn Oh: The longer you can keep someone connected to your work the better. Once their attention leaves your work you may have lost them.

Cupido Oh: Now why do you have parts of text cut up in pieces and send it with every finger click inside this virtual world? Why this imitation of a lecture that you could also publish on your blog. Why do we have to pretend to be listeners in an audience?

Bryn Oh: SaveMe so nice to see you.

Cupido Oh: Are you gonna preban the whole family?

Bryn Oh: Some artists are aware of this phenomenon and will work on the 2D plane to lead the viewers eye around their artwork in an endless cycle.

NOBODAH: just the Oh’s

Bryn Oh: They are attempting to keep the viewers eye in the artwork for as long as possible, as the eye can leave a painting quite easily if the composition is poor.

Oak Sleydon: just the Oh’s

Cupido Oh: Once we worked together

Cupido Oh: until some of the family became boss

Bryn Oh: ok SaveMe, the floor is yours

LaPiscean Liberty: Knock it off Cupido

Cupido Oh: SaveMe is banned

LaPiscean Liberty: continue Bryn

Cupido Oh: I am just asking the question why you do this to our family?

Sophia Yates: lol

Cupido Oh: and why you serve up pieces of a cut up lecture here

LaPiscean Liberty: ok fine

Cupido Oh: and that all those people have to pretend to be audience

Cupido Oh: while they are not

Cupido Oh: you are not speaking

Cupido Oh: we are not hearing

Second Life: LaPiscean Liberty ejected you from this land.

3 thoughts on “Liberty Killed My Daddy

  1. Should we understand that art is a way to keep the audience trapped and prisoner for ever …. in an endless circle? Help!!

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