Throwing Bait For The Bloodhounds

A bloodthirsty atmosphere was occurring in the Immersiva groupchat yesterday after my sister Bryn had me PRE-Banned from LEA and start to play the abused victim.

Lars Steiner: Give this individuals name and I will be her/his BAD KARMA

Lars Steiner: I want to hunt him/her down! Give me the name!

Bryn Oh: just frustrates me when the bullies win

Lars Steiner: It frustrates me to, therefor I fight back! “Those who can’t fight will always be a subject for those who can”

Lars Steiner: Bullies get bad Karma…

Bryn Oh: I wish something could be done about this person but they have done this for years and linden labs does nothing about it

Lars Steiner: If Linden does nothing, We will… just let me know when the hunt starts.

Bryn Oh: this person has a million alts.  Came in as another when the main was banned

Lars Steiner: GIVE ME THE NAME!

Bryn Oh: giving you the name won’t save me Lars 🙂

Bryn Oh: well it’s a tricky situation.  It was on a LEA sim and some of the organizers feel that nobody should be banned

Bryn Oh: and this person declares it performance .. so tries to put an art slant onto it.

So today I asked this Lars Steiner, who I have never met, for an explanation.

SaveMe Oh: When you like so much social rules and politeness (this is in his profile), why you want to hunt people down?

Lars Steiner: Guess. When there is no one looking after the rules… when bullies get away with things… what do you think one should do? If Lindens fix it; GOOD, but they don’t seem to be able to do it.

SaveMe Oh: But shouldn’t you first investigate the situation?

Lars Steiner: The strong has just one rule and that is to help those who need it.

SaveMe Oh: Or you just shoot when somebody tells you to?

Lars Steiner: What do you think I do? But first… I wait.

SaveMe Oh: Well, do your homework first before screaming like the other sheep

Lars Steiner: You seem to have made up your mind that I am an idiot. You know nothing about me or how I operate.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know you, you don’t know me, I only react on you screaming in groupchat

SaveMe Oh: about hunting down people

Lars Steiner: I just wanted the name. I have it and I am pleased. Anything else? I know very well that there often are two sides of a coin or that someone trying to fool me with a false name.

Lars Steiner: The best thing would of course be if someone could handle their own problems… but neither SL nor RL work that way.

SaveMe Oh: ofcourse, and also a closer look on the problem

SaveMe Oh: if it is really a problem

Lars Steiner: Good… you could save me allot of time then and tell me what a fuck is going on. You seem to know more than everyone else.

Lars Steiner: Excuse the bad language.

Lars Steiner: Don’t judge me too hard… in real life I do the same thing; Talibans end up dead. Nothing I feel bad about.

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