Purify By Burning

After chopping wood in the forests of the north and hunting some buffalo the rangers of BURN return to duty in an effort to lock everybody out in a more effective way than last year

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Shall we start the meeting with unban all the people who were victim of the dictators disguised as rangers? So they can also come to participate? Or is this for the happy few only?

Namor Xue: yes SaveMe Oh in disguise

SaveMe Oh in disguise: could they be unbanned now?

EmCee Widget: Greetings and Welcome Home! Its wonderful to see everyone here in Center Camp on our little slice of the virtual Playa! Deep Hole has been our home for many years now, and you are all our family! Let’s all say Welcome home now to a few people. Just type into chat a few of the people that are standing near you or far away and say “Welcome Home!”

Ro Carver shouts: welcome home!

FreeWee Ling: Welcome Home

Zorch Voom: YAY! Welcome home everyone

Leondra Larsson: welcome home!

Buttermilk Panacek: welcomd home FreeWee Ling

Corn Oil: Welcome Home duders

Liz Gealach: welcome home molly 😉

Anne Von Linz: ºWelcome home!

EmCee Widget: Welcome Home Corn!

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Mia

Belldandy Watanabe: Welcome home friends

Namor Xue: Welcome Home ❤

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Barbs

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Ro

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Widget, can you unban a lot of people who became victim of the banning habits of your church?

EmCee Widget: My name is EmCee Widget. Everyone calls me EmCee or MC. I am one of three Burning Man Regional Representatives to Second Life. Dusty and Danger Ranger are the other two. I am also a volunteer with Burning Man and a Black Rock Ranger at that little event they have out in the Nevada desert.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: For those people you cannot say this is home for them as they were banned by the rules of your church

EmCee Widget: If you have been coming to Burns in Second Life you may remember Dusty (formerly Linden) Udal, who helped lead the BURN for many years. You may also recognize Danger Ranger as one of the founders of Burning Man, the Rangers, the first Art Car creator, the first Black Rock Newspaper Editor/printer, Robotic computer assembler and I believe he invented Whiskey, however that may be a rumor….

SaveMe Oh in disguise: So EmCee, can you unban the victims of your policy instead of telling us how good your church is? We are talking about maybe 20 to 40 peoplewho were the victim of your church.

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, the open forum is in just a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

Ro Carver: SaveMe Oh in disguise, we’ll be happy to sit down with you after the Town Hall

Barbs Kurka: your acting like a 4 year old, its not a threat, nobody else is acting like you

SaveMe Oh in disguise: All the Rangers with the happy triggerfingers are present again. They could also say: ok we unban everybody and we start clean, but no, you will be removed

Huntress Catteneo: just mute the interuptive one if they are bothering you folks

SaveMe Oh in disguise: church of the muted people?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I want to be a volunteer that will unban all poor avatars that are banned without reason

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Question: Why Burning Man needs banning as a way to enforce certain rules? And why some people have more rights than others and on what base?

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, would you like to meet with me one on one at our comfortable headquarters office to discuss your concerns?

SaveMe Oh in disguise:: No, I prefer discussions in the open as everyone can give an opinion in that way. As a lot of people are banned by you and cant participate

SaveMe Oh in disguise: When you dont ban so much people you can do with less vonunteers

AgentMike Homewood: Last year there was a mass banning of innocent people who still cannot participate. Most still don’t know why they were banned.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: you dont need police, security and hitsquads so those volunteers can be something else

Ro Carver: This is your sim to use! You can use it many ways. Casually by using these spaces, or more formally scheduling a meeting or lecture or even…scheduling an event!

SaveMe Oh in disguise: our sim??????? to use??????  Everybody who try’s is getting banned

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were mass banned in one day for playing on the playa.

AgentMike Homewood: Who makes those rules?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: We see a group of people trying to stay in power dressed up in ranger clothes

Ro Carver: Have questions? Just ask in the BurningMan 2.0 group, and a volunteer staff member online may be able to help you, or email info@burn2.org, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

AgentMike Homewood: You sent a message to some of SLs top artists that they are not welcome here.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I suggest all rangers will step back and there will be free elections for a new team

Admiral Radioactive: I suggest SaveMe Oh in disguise: to SHUT UP

AgentMike Homewood: Banning artists is a bad way to promote this event.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: this new team will try to organise a BURN were everybody is welcome, military clothes will be forbidden and we will not accept funding from the national rifle association as in a virtual world we dont have to kill!!!

Namor Xue: @Radioactive :I could not think same of you..but I’m ready to offer my life to make you say your opinion

Namor Xue: this is the first rule

SaveMe Oh in disguise: And why there is a strange church behind BURN????

Barbs Kurka: you are acting like a rude jackass and then you ask why people ban you? lol

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were banned in one day last year. Many lon time contributers to Burn.

AgentMike Homewood: Shouldn’t they be unbanned?

EmCee Widget: Some people loved the guidelines and some hated them

AgentMike Homewood: There were too many rules last year. And they were arbitraryily applied.

AgentMike Homewood: It is fair to ask these questions at an event that celebrates diversity and inclusion

Ⓒⓞղղιɛ: the rules drive people away

Huntress Catteneo: some people indicate from their own websites, that they will come just to disrupt, so not wise to open the doors for them to harass others

AgentMike Homewood: One artist who had filmed every Burn event in SL was banned last year 5 minutes after TPing in

Ro Carver: Bryn Oh sponsored using a very specific prim type and color, making people be creative

SaveMe Oh in disguise: The concept of Rangers versus Artist is so increddible stupid

3 thoughts on “Purify By Burning

  1. Penelope Cruz is the name of the alt Saveme used. Stop excising your comments and get the story right.

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