Liz Solo’s Heavy Period

Do we need rules, simowners, committee’s, rangers, application forms, yes or no box checkers, land granders, awardshows and artcontests with or without prizemoney?

In Odyssey they have a different approach and it flourishes well, not without problems, maybe not for eternity, but IT’S THERE! And this time it’s Liz Solo doing the job and she does it well as she is a master in seeing the difference between the corebussines and the bullshit.

Here is a statement from facebook in answer to a question put up by Oberon Onmura about who should be the BOSS.

Liz Solo:

Odyssey is what it is and is continuously created and re-created by the people who are working on the sim. Period. People are free to do what they want on Odyssey. Period. No one has ever been denied what they need. Period. If they haven’t gotten what they need it is simply because they have not asked. If people want to create problems, define labels to impose on other people, create publicity for themselves by bringing up (what I consider to be) non issues and then take off in a huff they are free to do it, just as they are free to come back. I am not in control of what people do and if they choose to complain on facebook rather than talk to me and work out what they need – well, there is not much I can do about that. Just FYI – there is no prim issue or lack of space or strain on resources on Odyssey and there never has been to my knowledge. There is enough room for everyone. My job is to facilitate the work and manage the operation of the sim and that is what I do. And I do it very well. I am not in control of people’s emotions or how they behave and I have a right to respond when I am offended or when people are hurting other people – as has happened numerous times lately on this facebook page (I am looking at you Pyewacket). Aaannnd, just so you know me a little better – pressure, insults, passive-aggressive interplay, backstabbing, shitty emails sent to my inbox – that stuff doesn’t actually work on me because I have a very thick skin and because I know what I am doing. I also know I am fallible and that I am capable of making mistakes. When I make mistakes I own up to them. I am certain I am not making a mistake now (or if I am I have yet to hear any compelling argument to support that idea). Unlike Sugar and other people who have come and gone before me, I won’t abandon Odyssey when personalities clash or when the situation gets tense and I also will not back down from the principles on which Odyssey was founded – one of the biggest being that Odyssey is a space for freedom for artists to work. Period. People can either have access to whatever resources they need on Odyssey and get to work or they can writhe around in these “issues” til they are satisfied. It is up to them, not me. I will be busy with the business of managing the sim and facilitating the artists who work there in good faith. Period. If anyone wants to help me with the sim I am waiting with open arms. – just so long as you are clear on this simple stuff: Odyssey remains open to all members regardless of their financial situation and labels and categories will not be imposed on artists any time soon – there are tons of art sims out there where you can be categorized and fill out forms and sit on committees and have big personality battles and competitions. Odyssey is not one of those places and will be turned into such a place over my dead body. Period.

One thought on “Liz Solo’s Heavy Period

  1. Wow. I am so glad, and have been for years, for the existence of Odyssey with the premisses Liz Solo describes and wants to guarantee.

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