Security Forces Arming Up To Abuse More Woman And Girls

Why the events that are organised for raising awareness for some good cause, like to stop the violence against woman and girls, always have the strongest police force?

Today I visited the OBR (One Billion Rising) sim in SL, who was still completely empty as the events only start tomorrow, to take some pics in a building from Maya Paris when one of the organisers, Honour McMillan summoned me to detach my big prims. Those prims I use to create special effects on my pics.

That the sim was empty and I was not disturbing a single soul couldn’t change the mind of this activist against violence to woman and girls.

Later that night I was lying on the dancefloor when they closed the sim for maintenance. When I want to go back later I found myself banned.

SaveMe Oh: I can’t go to your sim anymore, is it still closed?

Honour McMillan: to the public yes

SaveMe Oh: I get a message that I am banned from the region, is that the case for all public or only for me?

Honour McMillan: oh not just you – but a select group I think

SaveMe Oh: Did you ban me?

Honour McMillan: nope

Honour McMillan: but I don’t disagree with it

SaveMe Oh: Do you know who could have banned me, so I can ask why?

Honour McMillan: I know this is probably very difficult to comprehend, so I’ll understand if you need some time to figure it out

Honour McMillan: Your last demonstration of (admittedly poor) masturbation technique means you’re no longer welcome

SaveMe Oh: That was the lying animation of my hud, lol

SaveMe Oh: you sure have a dirty mind

Honour McMillan: LOLOLOL

SaveMe Oh: But me lying down get me banned?

Honour McMillan: go play your games with somebody else little boy (little boy????)

SaveMe Oh: ok I will, ty

Honour McMillan: If you still have questions about this you can contact Rails Bailey 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know any of you so I will stick to you

Honour McMillan: LOLOL

Honour McMillan: well he banned you

SaveMe Oh: and he is????

Honour McMillan: so you’ll have to go to him

SaveMe Oh: sim owner?

Honour McMillan: head of Community Relations for the event

Honour McMillan: which you might read as Security

SaveMe Oh: Chosen by you or based on his experience in Irak or Afghanistan?

Honour McMillan: You’ll have to ask him – if he’s willing to share that information it’s up to him


End of discussion with this person. She was also involved with SL BURNING, should that mean something?

This is one of the pics I made in Maya Paris building this afternoon that should not exist as Honour McMillan told me that I was not allowed to wear large prims in an empty sim.

One Rising

Now dear friends, go all there tomorrow to fight against the abuse and violence against woman and girls and don’t forget to pay your deepest respect to all these fighters for the good cause.

17 thoughts on “Security Forces Arming Up To Abuse More Woman And Girls

  1. Having been abused in real life I find you being banned from a sim a poor interpretation of what abuse is. I’m sorry if having your avatar removed from a property you don’t pay for so disturbing to you that you felt the need to write this up on a blog. I am however grateful that a friend showed it to me so I can go thank the person who banned you personally.

  2. Title Security Forces Arming Up to Abuse More Women and Girls, rather an insult given this is SecondLife and there are no Armed Forces in SL, or have I missed something. Still, any publicity, even erroneous publicity is most welcome as this just raises the profile of this event even higher, so thanks for helping raising awareness Saveme

    • You are welcome as the awareness is important. Pity you have to ban me for it. And you are armed! With ejecting and banning weapons that you don’t hesitate to use without ever meeting me.

      • Throughout my journey in SL I have heard your name mentioned and it has always been associated with griefing. Even you yourself seem to take great delight in disrupting events, for what? So you can copy/paste chats you have with people in SL, to what end? To raise your own profile.

        If my information is even half correct, I fully expect your army of alts to come in and try and disrupt this event.

        As for being armed, be more truthful, I have estate rights, that does not equate to being armed.

  3. maybe they’d do better by banning, or at least intimidating, the many predators at this this very moment hanging out at SL “welcome” sites for newbies (an artist friend of ours told us a horrifying tale of meeting such a creature when she first logged in into SL, that made her keep away for two years).

  4. instead of doing all that stupid “feel good” dancing tomorrow, the 200 avatars, not to mention OBR Security, could do some real good by “patrolling” the “welcome areas” i mentioned, perhaps warning newbies in chat about the presence of sexual predators and how to get away from them (and at the same time increasing the number of customers for L…).

      • As it happens Marmaduke, I have dealt with sexual predators in SL, so give me a name of the problem area and lets see if we can get some Mentors in there, feel free to contact me in SL if you wish

    • i was just making a general observation, having been told of or witnessed a few cases of attempted sexual predation and having read about it often enough, such as in these safety tips for women in SL (, where it’s stated sexual predators are “all too common” in SL). And it seems to me they don’t confine themselves to a specific welcome area, I imagine one such location is as good as any other for a predator, since by definition he will find vulnerable prey in all of them — “stay away from welcome areas” is an advice for newbies I’ve seen expressed and agree with.

      So I formed the opinion that what happened to our artist friend who entered SL enthusiastically, with visions of exploring its incredible creative possibilities, and ended up so traumatized by a predator soon after arrival that two years elapsed before she dared entering SL again is an exemplary story on the matter of SL sexual predators.

      Btw, since then she was recognized as one of the very best SL artists — a good cue for me to say that in my opinion the SaveMe Oh banned at OBR belongs also to the pantheon of the very best SL artists… (I’ll leave it for her to say she is THE best!)

  5. Sexual predators in SL take it up with Linden Labs. It’s idiots like you that follow other idiots. The simple fact is Saveme has been known for greifing and was determined she or he wasn’t welcome. Immaterial whether you think she is a great artist or not the fault lies in herself…end of story chump.

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