The Dillema Of The Virtual Mother Teresa’s

Someone has a good idea to support a good cause; the second one owns a sim, likes the idea and is an enthusiast amateur prim gluer and dreams of thousands of avatars overflowing the awareness area. The third one raises the question what would happen if another prim gluer would come with larger builds. The fourth volunteers to be security to prevent this and has a group of friends who would be pleased to defend the good cause with every necessary means and has even found some old unused Securitate uniforms on SL marketplace for 0 Linden. The fifth asks who the hell gives them the authorisation to be security on her screen. The sixth kills the fifth with the words that all the fucking Furrys should be exterminated as they cause extreme lag with their pony-tails. An army of Gorean child molesters who wanted to capture the Furry alive to sacrifice it in the Little Red Riding Hood sim to protest against the abuse of wolves is so outraged that they decide all to be SaveMe Oh troll clones for a month when the dictator of LEA Solo Mornington decides: enough is enough and he permabans all avatars alive.

The one with the good idea to support a good cause can’t log in anymore and has no other option than to go back to Real Life to try to support the good cause there.

Go OH and make them laugh 2

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