Don’t Stand In My Spotlight

When Ultralight Alter start to prepare for her 100 version of a Betty Omo opening I stepped by accident on the still empty stage. Maybe later I was going to attach something as I am always open to contribute but at that moment in time I was only standing on a 20 cm high prim functioning as stage.

Betty Tureaud: go down

Betty Tureaud: if not you got banned

Betty Tureaud: you are out Save

Banned and eject.

I decided to protest with my Save Me Save You dolls.

Mandel Solano: why

Mandel Solano: do you know what you are doing at all

SaveMe Oh: yes

Mandel Solano: and what are you doing?

SaveMe Oh: At the moment I am showing that I don’t accept to be banned

Mandel Solano: is this your opening?

SaveMe Oh: yours?

Mandel Solano: I think it is Bettys not yours

Mandel Solano: you should respect that

Mandel Solano: what is your right Oh?

SaveMe Oh: human

Mandel Solano: behave like a human then

SaveMe Oh: I do

Mandel Solano: no you are not

SaveMe Oh: Ah, you are allowed to attach something?

SaveMe Oh: lucky guy

SaveMe Oh: others get banned for that

SaveMe Oh: hypocrites

Mandel Solano: it may depends on what you add

Mandel Solano: whats in your mind Oh

SaveMe Oh: Nothing, I just tell you what I see

Mandel Solano: whats in your mind with the demonstration

SaveMe Oh: I was banned and protested against it

Mandel Solano: yes but you did something before that


Namor Xue: which viewer are you on?

Namor Xue: 😉

SaveMe Oh: why?

Namor Xue: the return of the betty’s build

SaveMe Oh: I am banned outside

SaveMe Oh: not returned

Namor Xue: yes..but…I know that if in the same Sim

Namor Xue: and with some viewer

Namor Xue: everythings is possible

Namor Xue: like a linden

SaveMe Oh: pssstt

SaveMe Oh: dont tell them

Namor Xue: pay attention using that kind of viewer as the creator have put in a backdoor

Namor Xue: it steal your password

Namor Xue: like the old emerald

Namor Xue: same trick

Namor Xue: but worse

SaveMe Oh: I am in SL viewer

SaveMe Oh: and dont use any trick dear

Namor Xue: too

Namor Xue: firestorm now

SaveMe Oh: dont worry

Namor Xue: but betty crashed

Namor Xue: and her build returned

Namor Xue: well..a bit strange..isn’t it?

SaveMe Oh: must be the lag

SaveMe Oh: not me

SaveMe Oh: I was banned and I fly outside

SaveMe Oh: thats all

Namor Xue: the first time in 8 years of sl I see something like this caused by the lag

Namor Xue: well saveme….I have tell you once time ago

Namor Xue: that it could be nice don’y hurt others

Namor Xue: so..why this way to stay in sl’

Namor Xue: you are a great artist

Namor Xue: don’t need to be so bad

Namor Xue: are lot of places to be bad..very bad in sl…but easy… fun

Namor Xue: but…if you like..I can be bad too..the worse ever seen

Namor Xue: so,,first and last advice by me..never do this again in my presence

Namor Xue: end of message

Namor Xue: i go now

SaveMe Oh: Are you threatning me?


Alessa Rossini: waarom?

Alessa Rossini: verpest je het voor anderen

Alessa Rossini: is niet de eerste keer dat je alles komt verpesten

Alessa Rossini: lekker repectloos

Alessa Rossini: voelt dat goed om mensen bewust te kwetsen?

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