Mea Culpa

After all the people I have hurt lately I thought it would be a good idea to ask you all to forget my 6th rezday on the 23 of February this year, please don’t send me any presents, I don’t deserve them. Give me your bank account numbers so I can send back all the financial gifts that I received so generously as I am not worth your applause and kindness.

Rose convinced me it would be better if I took the weekend off from secondlife to do some penance and the rezday celebrations will be held just very small inside our family circle in real life were she will tie me up to make sure I won’t attach something that would ruin the table setting and her porcelaine de Limoges.

Already on my third rezday people felt the need to beat me up for all trouble I have caused. If there is a large demand to beat me up again, burn me as a witch or to join Josina Burgess and Flora Nordenskiold in an appeal to the Linden to finish me off for once and for all please let me know. But only next week as first I will undergo the penance in exile.

16 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. As long as you and your stupit friend Rose Borchovski are running around crying that you get banned all the time, and meanwhile keep on banning people yourselves – like you banned me – you two can go to hell.

    • And now something else. I get banned and don’t ban.
      Rose doesn’t get banned as she is a nice citizen, and she ban’s especially when it concerns unwashed smelly avatars who’s smell is stronger than the smell of fish and she is not my friend but my almost wife.

      • She banned me because I was ‘walking in the way’ on SaveMe Oh’s her platform (on Rose her island). After i helped SaveMe Oh years and years with money and land, how can I walk in the way? And we where all time good friends, untill then(…) Rose pre-banned me even on LEA23, for nothing! Here is the discussion that made Rose decide to ban me:

        [05:46] ROSE (rose.borchovski): Hello HP, Save is having a performance in rl, can you please move to a lower point at the sim
        [05:46] ROSE (rose.borchovski): ty
        [05:47] HP Darcy: Realy is that so?
        [05:47] HP Darcy: Where?
        [05:47] ROSE (rose.borchovski): yes
        [05:47] ROSE (rose.borchovski): in rl
        [05:47] HP Darcy: Where in RL?
        [05:47] ROSE (rose.borchovski): can you please move away from her platform
        [05:48] ROSE (rose.borchovski): ty)
        [05:48] HP Darcy: I’m interested. Kom op waar is die rl perfomance dan?
        [05:49] ROSE (rose.borchovski): dat moet je later maar aan Save vragen
        [05:49] HP Darcy: Vreemd stel
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): je bent er nog steeds
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): wil je ajb weg gaan
        [05:51] HP Darcy: Ik wacht tot jullie mij bannen 🙂
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): wie is hier nu vreemd
        [05:50] MystiTool HUD 1.6.1: Entering chat range: Rose Borchovski (0m)
        [05:51] Second Life: Rose Borchovski ejected and banned you from this land.
        [05:51] Second Life: You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.
        [05:52] Second Life: You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
        [05:52] Second Life: You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): je bent er nog steeds
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): wil je ajb weg gaan
        [05:51] HP Darcy: Ik wacht tot jullie mij bannen 🙂
        [05:51] ROSE (rose.borchovski): wie is hier nu vreemd
        [05:54] HP Darcy: Dus wat Solo doet kun jij ook?
        [05:54] ROSE (rose.borchovski): Wat is dit nu voor een dom gedrag
        [05:54] HP Darcy: Je bent dus geen haar beter
        [05:54] ROSE (rose.borchovski): ik vraag je toch vriendelijk weg te gaan, ik leg ook uit waarom
        [05:54] HP Darcy: Ja dat vroeg hij ook
        [05:54] ROSE (rose.borchovski): Dag HP, ik ben hier klaar mee
        [05:54] HP Darcy: Ik hoor bij SaveMe.
        [05:55] HP Darcy: Zou je vriendelijk willen zijn de ban te verwijderen ?

  2. Being a so-called “griefer, troll” and who knows what else is an art which you, Saveme, raised to unforgettable summits. While some people fail miserably, see above. Poor vocabulary, no real inspiration…

    As I am broke, i wont send you any present, following your own request anyway. But i wish you heartly another year of creativity, disturbance (and how right it is to disturb the sl world of “art”), strange icelandic noises, contestation and just being you.

    Signed by a manipulated minion

    Ms Shilova

  3. and I that last night, at the beginning of Ultra’s concert, was crossing my fingers for a “sublime moment” to take place — listening to Ultra’s mind bending music while seeing SaveMe’s mind bending standard effects. But no, for some reason the only acceptable visuals while listening to a one hour musical performance are a dozen avatars parked in a huge empty space. Go figure. And come back Pink Floyd, you’re forgiven.

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