More Jury Members Than Contestants

Now we all know that there are beside me only a handful of virtual movie makers that really are worth to have a look at. On Iceland there is a movement that might become interesting and my darling Rose also made some great movies until she became so busy with cleaning the toilet that she had to hire the David Hamilton of SL, Mr. Soft Focus, Slow Pan Iono Allen to make wallpaper that moves. Most of the other moviemakers are nothing more than tourists who bring back home their holiday movies from places they have visited.

And now the people who want you to visit their shit in secondlife found a new trick, all tourists can send in a movie of the ugly buildings and we call it a movie contest and to judge all the bullshit they install a jury of which the list of members is larger than the tourists who participates with their funny home video’s

This is the Short jury list in UWA’s Machinima Contest 2013


Professor Ted Snell (RL)

Jon Stubbs (RL)

Dr Sally Quin

Lyn DiCiero

Madeleine King

Virginia Rowland (RL)

Merle Hearns (RL) / Briarmelle Quintessa (SL)

C.Steele (RL) / Rasaec (SL)

Debora Kaz

FreeWee Ling (SL)

LaPiscean Liberty (SL)

Apmel Goosson

Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) –

Mal Burns (SL)

Chestnut Rau (SL) –

Quan Lavender –

Tom Papas –

Honour McMillan

Taralyn Gravois –

Dousa Dragonash (SL)

Sasun Steinbeck

Persia Bravin (SL)

Jay Jay Jegathesan (RL) / Jayjay Zifanwe (SL)

The only one who should be in this jury is Quan Lavender as she writes a tourist guide every day telling how great every bullshit place is to push tourists towards sims for which she is been rewarded with a place in a jury or government (talking about being independant).

Ampel Goosson also pretends to be a tourist guide writer but he is so obsessed with his own dick that the only reason he is a member of the jury is the fact that the bell tower of UWA must remind him of his own once glorious dick or the dick he pretends to be.

Sasun Steinbeck we all still know as the great dictator of LEA, the one that kills first and never gives an explanation. Famous is her quote “Why explain things to people I have just killed?”

FreeWee Ling is everywhere where she gets free building space in return and Jayjay Zifanwe, once the computer nerd of UWA who had to take care all the computers on the campus grounds got enough electricity is now playing the grand Maecenas of SL art who provides everybody with a box in which they can glue prims to be able to organise yet another contest every week in celebration of his own glory.

Honour McMillan we got to knew recently as organiser of the One Billion Rising event on which she found it necessary to ban me a day before the opening and after also all other Save Me’s or everybody with a slight Asian look but screaming loud and clear she is against violence against woman and girls.

Persia Bravin?? Judge for yourself!

Kirky Kiergarten: the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore and in SL mute:)

White Lebed: I had to ban SaveMe Oh – I am sure you will hear about it

Chantal Harvey: hehe

FreeWee Ling: heehee

Rose Borchovski: why did you ban her?

Persia Bravin: I think most people would thank you for that White


Taralyn Gravois?? Judge for yourself!

Taralyn Gravois: Everyone give SaveMe attention. She has entered the room and wants to make everyone’s life miserable till they notice her

FreeWee Ling: Always the drama queen


Chestnut Rau, Mal Burns, LaPiscean Liberty?? Let them first get their own stuff working well before they pretend to be capable of judging other peoples funny home movies.

11 thoughts on “More Jury Members Than Contestants

  1. David Hamilton?
    Do you say that because the Susas are almost teenagers with nipples out (by the way, I’m sure that some ppl who cannot bear Susa’s nipples were very interested by the teens ones in DH pics…)? I don’t remember having filmed them behind a white veil, and in a blurred way…
    Well, I’m surprised by the comparison, but you could have found worse 🙂

  2. David Hamilton?
    Are you saying that because in my films the Susas have their nipples out? I don’t remember having filmed them in a blurred way behind some white veil and with blond hair and some large white hat…

    By the way, regarding nipples… I don’t remember that David’s teens nipples had been chocking many people…

    • Iono, I only make jokes about my friends because otherwise my enemy’s accuse me from only critisise them. Who the hell is David Hamilton?

  3. SaveMe Oh is by far someone we all will never ever forget. We shall give her that. Maybe an honerry degree or something but in addition. Please give her something for her persistence throughout the years of intterupting others whe n they may have had a window of opportunity in thier lives to do something or make a statement but in her own selfish way took that moment away from them to fin d a vulgar moment to replace it with a stupid idiotic self serving display of crap that made others say well it isnt worth my time I might as well forget it it musnt be worth it or whatever. but I will say this because I dont give a crap at this ijme about OH because she or he could care less about anyone else but themsleves. FUCK OFF SAVEME! I once or probalbly numerous times defended them butr saw they held no respect for anyone. There is now a time we all have to say enough is enough and we spent to much on sl to allow a single entity to dictate our time when we say ok we are holding a time to do this or that .. this SaveMe is an idiot to take that time from us. Go to frigging hell SaveMe Im tired of your antics.
    I think you understand my stance on SaveMe. Im tired of the antics it may seem like entertainment to her & to some. Ive been there before but with other people & it does not fare well. I myself am tired and others r as well. It’s over SaveME. Time spent on debating her crap is wasted time. Move on. It is not art it is conflict which causes turmoil. I stepped back for a bit and there is nothing funny about her interactions. She or he is a distraction & hinderence to most who want to create here in sl.
    Savedme is a disruption and an entity of a kind that has turned positive creative others away from participating in second life period.

    • Omgosh Katleen, get a drink or a good shampooing, take a stroll around the park, look at the birds and move on to another place when you can’t handle satire or a critical opinion!
      None of what Saveme is saying about this Jury panel is actually exaggerated. You are afraid of thinking critical yourself. Instead you chose the paved direction: you joined the “we all hate Saveme ” road. Maybe it is time finally debating what she is saying, Art is not only the butterflies and honey,it is also about the bugs in the mud and being harsh and critical.

  4. In Germany we have the term “Vetternwirtschaft”. You may Leo this. SL is a big “Vetternwirtschaft”, one reason I have quit.

  5. Im not fan but excuse me, I think while corruption and lobby exist in SL Arts theres a place for criticism and performances guerrilla actions done by avatars like Saveme OH. ( I pray and Hope arrive more, please… to have other points of view)

    But by one side… For me is sad that other avatars must hide themselves at back a fake character, instead shout high using their main avatars, RL identities etc.

    Ironically, by other side, i don’t believe in “Robin Hood” mood used often by SaveMe but she is free to do what she want in public; and us we are free to comment what we want too. All censure is a shit, and in SL exists too much censure…

    Contests like UWA never publish their jury members teams votes, by example;. Why? “to don’t get us depressed”… those ridicule words is the answer. And yes, SL is a big “Vetternwirtschaft”

    We dont need censure, we dont need limits to be creative, we dont need paternalist attitudes… perhaps we need SaveMe OH, because sl artists and machinimators we are like lambs puppets without our esence: criticism. Olé! Good morning

  6. Cut to oldest student at UWA, the geezer stares at his navel next to a reflecting pool as two black swans squawk by. Don’t forget the shot of the Bell Tower or the sunken garden. Meh. I’d rather make my own crap than crap for some damn contest.

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