Can I Be A Quan Lavender?

With trembling knees I present my attempt to do an interview like the famous Quan Lavender.


Newbab Zsigmond: Did you take all pictures ? Can I go now?

SaveMe Oh: Only one, you are not that intersting

SaveMe Oh: Did you allready called your wife to see me?

Newbab Zsigmond: You are not so interesting

Newbab Zsigmond: When I see you after so long I think you’re the antithesis of the theory of evolution.

SaveMe Oh: I was exactly thinking the same when you added here your first prim again

SaveMe Oh: with that old Pirats texture

SaveMe Oh: I thought…after all that time…

Newbab Zsigmond: Maybe, but I don’t say I’m creative

SaveMe Oh: seems the brand is still more important than the art

SaveMe Oh: but lets wait what all those months of abscence did to you

SaveMe Oh: Did you miss me?

Newbab Zsigmond: No, not really

SaveMe Oh: did you miss SL?

Newbab Zsigmond: No

SaveMe Oh: Why you came back?

Newbab Zsigmond: To do an Art Kahos

SaveMe Oh: And what is Art Kahos?

Newbab Zsigmond: You lost memory

SaveMe Oh: No, but I never understood the difference between all the things you did, It looks all the same to me. So what is Art Kahos?

Newbab Zsigmond: I’m not responsible of your misunderstanding.

SaveMe Oh: So can you explain it to me?

Newbab Zsigmond: No I don’t want

SaveMe Oh: Let me ask it in an other way, what are your plans here?

Newbab Zsigmond: Art Kahos 2013

SaveMe Oh: meaning??? You invite people? You rebuild your bunker? You going to present watercolors of Merlina??? What is Art Kahos 2013?

SaveMe Oh: I guess you won’t invite me to participate in one way or another?

Newbab Zsigmond: Invite you? Why? You’re always where we are…

SaveMe Oh: Most of the time you take care I am not where you are…

Newbab Zsigmond: You’re right next to me I think, no?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but will I still be able to be here in…lets say 2 weeks? Or are you already calling Solo Mornington again?

Newbab Zsigmond: This time I’m Estate Manager, so I can do it myself

SaveMe Oh: Dangerous times

Newbab Zsigmond: Noooo, SL isn’t dangerous 😉

SaveMe Oh: Are you intending to let me be a free person this time?

Newbab Zsigmond: You have always been free, but we also have this right

SaveMe Oh: you also have been free always, you only felt the need to restrict others

SaveMe Oh: Is that changed now?

Newbab Zsigmond: What does not change is that we will again allow you to be a little creative.

SaveMe Oh: A little, thats already something. And you are ofcourse the perfect judge on the meaning of LITTLE?

Newbab Zsigmond: Noooo I don’t 😉 I just listen what they think of you since Pirats left SL. It seems that you have been very boring.

Newbab Zsigmond: And if I judge your haste to come to me tonight, I think that you need material.

Newbab Zsigmond: So, Welcome back SaveMe 😉

SaveMe Oh: You won’t believe it, but it was pure a coincidence

Newbab Zsigmond: I love your humor!

SaveMe Oh: OMG, he loves me.

SaveMe Oh: a little… ofcourse

Newbab Zsigmond: I love only when you try to believe what you say 😉

SaveMe Oh: I was in LEA23, the sim Rose had until last week, where by coincidence I ran into Solo Mornington with his new protege. Then I went over to the sim of Cica Ghost, the only one who didn’t have to give up her sim to somebody else because she is Bryn Oh and then I saw you in my radar as you are next to her sim. Now lets see if you also believe what I believe myself.


Newbab Zsigmond: You feel the need to justify yourself? You lost your trust in yourself.

SaveMe Oh: No, I love to explain to get things clear.

SaveMe Oh: Now do you want to ask me to do the opening show here for you?

Newbab Zsigmond: I’m not very interrested in your explanation in fact.

Newbab Zsigmond: No thank you, I think we will do it. But your proposal is very nice

SaveMe Oh: Well you have my number, and I know where is LEA12

SaveMe Oh: for sure it will be great.

Newbab Zsigmond: Yes I have your number, but my phone crash each time I try to call you. I don’t know why….

SaveMe Oh: How lucky for you that you found me here

Newbab Zsigmond: Sure! We were able to exchange words so deep

SaveMe Oh: May I thank you for the interview?

Newbab Zsigmond: This is for me to thank you for all you do to promote Pirats.

SaveMe Oh: You are welcome, it’s my pleasure.



Newbab Zsigmond: I leave you, you still have work to format it all on your blog before you go to bed.

SaveMe Oh: its ready

Newbab Zsigmond: Ah yes sorry, it’s true, you no longer had much work before our return.

SaveMe Oh: you prefer your own name or your sl name?

Newbab Zsigmond: It’s the same for me.

SaveMe Oh: I prefer your SL one, otherwise nobody has the slightest idea

Newbab Zsigmond: As you like, you’re free

SaveMe Oh: thank you for reminding me of that

SaveMe Oh: did it hurt to say that?

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