Please Be A Woman With A Fishtail

Sunflower Aichi: plz wear a siren outfit and move these fishes

Sunflower Aichi: plzzzzz, i’m filming

SaveMe Oh: For art reasons it is better you film this than an aquarium

Sunflower Aichi: my artwork is named Siren Songs, not fishes

SaveMe Oh: Siren Songs is not an artwork, but an aquarium

SaveMe Oh: With some artistic interventions it might become an artwork

SaveMe Oh: I do my best

Sunflower Aichi: plz move this objects, I dont like them

SaveMe Oh: You invited me, if your invitation means nothing just ban or mute me

Sunflower Aichi: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, it’s not a siren, then plz move it

SaveMe Oh: I also dont like your aquarium, so I do my best

SaveMe Oh: art is so subjective, what do we like or not?

SaveMe Oh: Dont you find the donkeys making a great contadiction with the sirens?

SaveMe Oh: Giving the image a surreal feel?

Sunflower Aichi: no plzzzzzzz

SaveMe Oh: fish and donkeys?

Sunflower Aichi: noooooooooo

Sunflower Aichi: why you dont hear me?

Sunflower Aichi: move the light

Sunflower Aichi: plzzzzzzzzz

Sunflower Aichi: i need a siren

Sunflower Aichi:: not this

Sunflower Aichi: why you do that??

SaveMe Oh: I do this because I think interaction after an invitation is important

SaveMe Oh: When you want to film you better do that without an audience

SaveMe Oh: or accept the audience is free

8 thoughts on “Please Be A Woman With A Fishtail

  1. [10:23] sunflower Aichi: why you put it in your blog?
    [10:23] SaveMe Oh: why not?
    [10:23] sunflower Aichi: i dont like your intervention
    [10:24] sunflower Aichi: i’d invited artists to wear as siren
    [10:24] sunflower Aichi: only siren
    [10:24] sunflower Aichi: 😦
    [10:24] SaveMe Oh: Thats your good right, but if you want sheep, buy some
    [10:25] sunflower Aichi: ???
    [10:25] sunflower Aichi: i’m putting the owner’s rights at my video
    [10:25] sunflower Aichi: not good from you to put this discussion at your blog
    [10:26] SaveMe Oh: I am free to put whatever discussion I want on my blog and I am owned by nobody

  2. The main reason I film in sl is that I don’t need the police we used to use in rl to clear the streets for us – maybe Linden has to issue a notecard about the derender function?

  3. Derender is a marvelous tool; however you get no drama if used too often, and all I see on SL is drama, hysteria and poutrage over Save Me O’s every action. Why? Does she harm anyone’s computer? Spread a virus or malware? Does she bomb innocent children in the Middle East? Steal old ladies’ retirement pensions? Does she exploit workers? Practice religious bigotry, misogyny, racism, or class warfare? No. She arrives like a breath of pixel life anywhere she is invited. Her very presence creates buzz. The free spirits laugh and doubly enjoy the show while the pretentious artists who take themselves so seriously frown and try to put a damper on the spectacle. It is like a raucous Bruegel painting come to life.

    Suggestion: If you want avatar’s to whisper in tones of reverence as if they were walking the galleries of the great masters at the Louvre, or at the very least if you want the avatars to merely yawn politely and pat you on the back for sharing your paint-by-number art that you have uploaded to SL, don’t invite Save Me to your openings. Derender her. Ban her. Run for your very dear pixel lives. But quit acting so damn self-righteous about it. Anyone knows that having Save Me come to your show brings publicity, notoriety and increased attention, so stop pretending you are so harmed by the experience. At the very least you get to play the wounded victim in your own little drama as all your friends and contacts help you lick your wounds.

    You artists who work so hard to control the audience experience of your art, creating straitjackets for us, tight enclosed spaces to contain our experience need to realize that how the art is received is always going to be beyond your control. I film other people’s art in SL all the time. I am 100% certain, my vision is NEVER how the original artist saw their work. I can only filter their art through my experience of and reaction to the art.

    For me, the art in SL is best experienced alone with no other avatars to detract from my interaction with the art. Or live. When the spontaneity of events, the activity is all that matters. The art becomes texture, wallpaper. Having a sim full of avatars TP into your sim, turn on their dance HUDS and go vacuum the rug in RL is not a successful event. Having drama, poutrage, laughter, silliness reminds me why we go to SL. To interact with other pixels. We need more Save Me Oh’s, not less. When my avatar in a tutu jumps up on a stage and dances as an SL musician plays, why must a sim owner threaten to eject me? When Save Me Oh shows up, smile that you get a free art spectacle. Life is short. The SL art world is small. After the party, we all clean up and do it again. Your way.

    I first fell in love with Save Me Oh at the art show for Mark Linden, the former CEO of Lindenlabs. Save Me showed up in an outlandish costume and clung to Mr. Linden like a slug. He virtually ran hither and thither attempting to escape her mere presence — the most powerful man in SL able to have a real emotional response not controlled by himself. How could you not love that? For me that was the most memorable part of the show. It made him human to me. Not just an avatar. And in some ways, it was the most interesting part of the show.

    • Well, Save can also be a first rate pain, for someone who does not like to derender, someone like me for example and for someone like Sunflower.( I feel a bit sorry for her after all the plzzzz she did)
      But I have the luck that love is blind, so most of the time I don’t see Save anyway ) x

      • Liar. I have a cam detector and see exactly where you zoom in and focus on, naughty! If you are blind Stevie Wonder is the almighty eye (ball).

      • “sorry for her after all the plzzzz she did”

        I’d feel sorrier if she had wrote “please”.

      • Are we getting Fuzzy Marma )

        Do you really believe Saveme went there to be a mermaid or to help Sunflower with her filming??
        Lets all be honest here, she went to give the plzzzzzz Girl a hard time.
        And YES I feel sorry for her, sl is fucking big enough to do what we want to do without being bullied by others.

        I actually enjoy others Artists their art work without interfering!

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