The Big Cica Ghost Interview

Just the announcement of this interview with the widely respected artist Cica Ghost lead to the fact that my blog has been removed from blogrolls.

But that won’t stop me.

Here is the interview without any editing done.

SaveMe Oh: Why you banned me?

SaveMe Oh: What did I do to you?

SaveMe Oh: Why your ban list already has 4 banned people even before your sim is ready?

SaveMe Oh: Is it true that you are Bryn Oh and because of that you can have a permanent sim on LEA?

SaveMe Oh: Did I disturb you on your last sim or on this one to give you a reason to ban me?

SaveMe Oh: Does the power you have to ban people or deny them access give you pleasure?

SaveMe Oh: Do you feel in your real life also the need to deny people their freedom?

SaveMe Oh: Thank you for being so cooperative

PS: Take a look at Bryn Oh’s blog and see who did all the pics. What a surprise.

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