Is SaveMe Oh Entitled To Privacy?

The lawyer of SaveMe Oh, Bock McMillan filed a lawsuit in the Danish courts on Friday against Betty Tureaud for publishing RL photos of SaveMe OH; this is the first time legal action has ever been implemented against the international parasites who try to become famous in the slipstream of the most popular personality of Secondlife.


Recently we have seen a bombardment of images where people spot SaveMe Oh in her RL.  Paparazzi that are utilizing their telephoto lenses from a distance of a half-mile while try to capture her on vacation or at the private home of a family member in southern Japan.


Frequently SaveMe Oh is the prey of a ruthless paparazzi hoard. She has camera flashes in her eyes as she tries to walk or drive and during the day she feels threatened if she is being closely followed by a photographer desperate to catch an exclusive shot that could end up being worth thousands.

428160_559245140770212_190164904_n (1)

There’s a debate within the virtual world since SaveMe was born on whether SaveMe Oh is entitled to her private life as she disturbs the private life of others and has that worldwide reputation of pissing people off so doesn’t she relinquish all rights in exchange for her fame?


“Although many aspects of the private life of SaveMe Oh will inevitably enter the public domain, in my judgement it does not follow that even with self publicists every aspect and detail of her private life is legitimate quarry for the journalist. She is entitled to some space of privacy,” Mr Bock McMillan said today.


He based his ruling on the principle of privacy enshrined in article 8 of the European Human Rights Act, which was incorporated into Danish law in October 2001.

mask geisha

“In my judgement the media to conform with article 8 should respect information about aspects or details of the private life of SaveMe Oh which she legitimately choose to keep private, certainly “sensitive personal data” unless there is an overriding public interest duty to publish consistent with article 10.”

SaveMe photo by Jimmy Edgar

“You have to remember SaveMe Oh was abandoned by her adoptive mother Josina Burgess 3 years ago, partly because of the actions of the paparazzi. I hope the lawsuit against Betty Tureaud will have a positive result for SaveMe Oh. It is the only way to stop Betty and others to publish the private pictures of SaveMe Oh. If snappers are going to end up out of pocket, rather than make huge sums, they will think twice about pulling off this sort of thing in future. SaveMe Oh had every right to believe she could sunbathe nude where she was, without being the victim of prying eyes.”

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