Betty Searching For Her Inner Troll

After Betty Tureaud cursed me, called me names, tries to blackmail me and demonised me amongst friends without result she decided to pay me back in what she think is SaveMe style. Although she is not blond she thought it would be heavy disturbing if she came to my PLAY IN ME performance, in which we said goodbye to the Swedish enclave Solace Island, with very large attachments with the objective to strike the visitors with blindness and to cover the complete performance.

Now she forgot one thing. In the invitation was the following sentence: “SaveMe will provide in PLAY IN ME every 10 minutes a new stunning work of art where everybody is welcome to join in.”

So dear Betty, I appreciated it enormously that you took the effort to participate, that you prepared some attachments and that you were not afraid to try them out.

Where you had the idea that you were out on a rampage tour in search for destruction and demolition and seriously aiming to find your inner troll you touched by accident your fun spot that hopefully will allow you in the future to open up for other contributions and take away that old-fashioned fear for griefing and disturbance. I congratulate you with your divine rebirth and may Cheesus be with you.

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