The Big Empathic Kangaroo Interview

Quan Lavender want to interview me but then she got weak knees as the announcement of the interview made her rethink:

Quan: Just the announcement of an interview with the widely hated artist SaveMe Oh lead to the fact that my blog has been removed from blogrolls. Nobody seems to be open at least to hear different opinions. SL sadly has a very unhealthy climate of – to say it nice – non democracy! Please let us all be more couraged, dear fellow bloggers!

Chestnut Rau: Quan I am stunned that announcing you plan to talk to SaveMe resulted in people removing you from their blogrolls. How strange.

But after I threatened Quan to publish it myself she saw no other option than to be brave and publish so here it is:

I just found a little snippet that must have escaped the editting proces thats why I add it here so this post has also still some news!

Quan Lavender: I just want to ask you to rethink something. It is not my goal to show you in a bad light.

SaveMe Oh: I never rethink!

Quan Lavender: the part with Bryn did not went good

SaveMe Oh: Bryn is an idiot

Quan Lavender: then I take it as it is

SaveMe Oh: good

Quan Lavender: But again it is not Bryn who looks like an idiot there.

SaveMe Oh: as if I care about that

Quan Lavender: Although I did not get why she stopped her talk then. That is a funny thing with you artists

SaveMe Oh: Maybe because she talks bullshit?

Quan Lavender: The world will never know as she stopped

SaveMe Oh: She stopped after her first exhibit

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