Dresscode Uber Alles

Today I tried two times to visit 1920 Berlin’s project after seeing a documentary of my friend Drax but the sicherheitsdienst rejected me two times because I was not dressed correctly and they thought I was not contributing to the authentic German atmosphere. In good old German tradition you are welcomed there with some decent rules you have to follow. Rumours go that there will be dress codes soon also for the Vatican sim (red shoes and a white dress), the Disney sim (look like a duck) and the Golgotha sim (wooden cross with nails through your hands)

Snapshot_003 (3)

Jo Yardley: Hello! Welcome to our 1920s Berlin project! I am sorry to bother you, but your are not following the rules of our sim, you are in some way unrealistic or unauthentic for 1920s Berlin. Maybe you didn’t get our messages at the entrance and when you got on the train or maybe you’re not rezzing correctly? We ask our visitors to look and act like someone who belongs on the streets of 1920s Berlin to create a authentic historical atmosphere for everyone.

Would you like a landmark back to the entrance where you can change?

We have freebies and shops there.

SaveMe Oh: Das ist die liebe der matrozen??? I work in the cabaret

Yardley: im sure, but even cabaret girls didn’t walk around the streets dressed like that in the 1920s

SaveMe Oh: da bluhn an alle kuste rosen

Jo Yardley: gehen sie umziehen?

SaveMe Oh: Ich suche die eingang das cabarets, wo ist es?

Jo Yardley: cabaret ist geschlossen, es ist 5 uhr.

SaveMe Oh: das ist nun shade

Jo Yardley: so umziehen oder nach hause.

Jo Yardley: nah denn…

Jo Yardley: auf wiedersehen

SaveMe Oh: auf wiedersehen


Oskar Eddenbaum: hello?

SaveMe Oh: das ist die liebe der matrozen…ich bin von’s cabaret

Oskar Eddenbaum: you have to wear 1920s street clothing here, not pinup

Oskar Eddenbaum: also cabaret clothes only for artists

Oskar Eddenbaum: you dont work for cabaret here

SaveMe Oh: es ist nicht pinup und ich bin einer schauspielerin

SaveMe Oh: kenst du Marlene Dietrich?

Oskar Eddenbaum: yes, you are not her.

Oskar Eddenbaum: are you going to change into normal 1920s clothes?

SaveMe Oh: Ich werde heute abend ein performance geben hier

Oskar Eddenbaum: no you won’t

Oskar Eddenbaum: who aranged it?

SaveMe Oh: im Keller Cabaret

SaveMe Oh: Jo

Oskar Eddenbaum: liar

SaveMe Oh: wir deutscher sind aller lugner




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