Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt 1920 Berlin


Jo Yardley: no trespassing

SaveMe Oh: am I?

Jo Yardley: yes you just teleported inside someone else’s apartment, second time today

SaveMe Oh: Is that not allowed?

Jo Yardley: why did you think doors were locked?

SaveMe Oh: Why you think SL offers poseball hopping?

Jo Yardley: so people can cheat and trespass?

SaveMe Oh: Is that cheat? Enjoying a room?

Jo Yardley: entering a private residence without invitation from the owner is

Jo Yardley: like rl…

Jo Yardley: that’s why the doors are locked…

SaveMe Oh: But with my zoom option I can also enter?

Jo Yardley: I’m telling you now, don’t enter houses or rooms if the door is locked.

SaveMe Oh: I can watch 1920 people fuck from far away

Jo Yardley: I don’t care and watch your language.

SaveMe Oh: I am not from 1920 so I use 2013 language

Jo Yardley: I’m not from 1920s either and I use 2013 language as well, but not vulgar.

SaveMe Oh: Did people in 1920 all the time put their nose in the business of others?

SaveMe Oh: It seems not so strange they finally end up in a dictatorship

Jo Yardley laughs

SaveMe Oh: Are you and your friends all day busy with controlling what every avatar is doing in your sim and if they behave good or bad?

SaveMe Oh: I came here now 3 times and all the time I was watched and contacted

Jo Yardley: we promise our tenants a save fun 1920s themed place where they don’t get harassed, bothered or griefed, where people don’t go into their homes uninvited or walk around in modern clothes. So when someone comes who breaks those rules, we keep an extra eye on them.

SaveMe Oh: Kind of reservation for the ones who can afford it?

Jo Yardley: just a basic level of living

Jo Yardley: and everyone can afford a place here

Jo Yardley: we only have a few rules but enforcing them is what has kept this sim going for almost 4 years

SaveMe Oh: Was being a policewoman always what you wanted from life?

Jo Yardley: does your behaviour here say anything about what you wanted from life?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very much, I want very much freedom, always!

Jo Yardley: and breaking rules, ignoring other people’s privacy and fun?

SaveMe Oh: No, giving you your freedom to enjoy your 1920 obsessions and give me my freedom to practice my beloved drama and absurdism

SaveMe Oh: I don’t see it has to go all your way


Titania Netizen: you are the famous artist, aren’t you?

SaveMe Oh: keep it secret, will you

Titania Netizen: welcome to Berlin

Titania Netizen: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Big Mama is watching me

Titania Netizen: is it your first visit to Berlin?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t feel welcome at all

Titania Netizen: why??

SaveMe Oh: I feel like I am behind the iron curtain in the 50’s

SaveMe Oh: all the time people watching you if you behave well

Titania Netizen: well…Berlin is like a village…every new entry is noticed

SaveMe Oh: That is scary

Titania Netizen: well…you know villages..we are a small community

Titania Netizen: but I’m pretty sure you are very welcome

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t dare to call Berlin a village

SaveMe Oh: The times I visited Berlin it was a wild bustling metropolis

Titania Netizen: actually it is, everybody knows everybody

Titania Netizen: what is attracting you here?

SaveMe Oh: I like the scenery and I can admire it when it is well done, on the other hand I find it so stupid to recreate everything like some kind of Disney reservation

SaveMe Oh: It’s like being forced to celebrate all year carnival

Titania Netizen: Jo, the owner of the sim, is and Histroy researcher in RL. So she really wanted to rebuilt old Berlin,  with all details

Titania Netizen: and I respect her wish

SaveMe Oh: respect, sigh

SaveMe Oh: respect kills creativity


SaveMe Oh: it makes you all her dolls

Titania Netizen: in SL we  build our dreams

Titania Netizen: maybe it’s a bit childish, but who cares?

SaveMe Oh: she builds a dollhouse and you volunteer to be her every day puppets

Titania Netizen: uhmm, we like to act

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care if you like that, but I don’t like that you force me to be a puppet too

SaveMe Oh: And I love acting

Titania Netizen: I don’t think so

Titania Netizen: who is forcing you??

SaveMe Oh: But acting is not being a puppet on a string

SaveMe Oh: Jo is forcing me

SaveMe Oh: She is all day watching me

Titania Netizen: you are very judgemental, SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: if I follow the rules, if I am not trespassing, If I wear the right underwear

Titania Netizen: be more tolerant with other people’s dreams

SaveMe Oh: Dreams don’t need rules

Titania Netizen: your dreams don’t need rues, maybe

Titania Netizen: here we have rules and we like it

Titania Netizen: but you are obliged at all

Titania Netizen: anyway we have a party in 1hour and half

Titania Netizen: in Eldorado

Titania Netizen: you are invited

Titania Netizen: do you know where is Eldorado?

SaveMe Oh: When she won’t eject me before I will come

Titania Netizen: it’s an old gay club

SaveMe Oh: no I don’t know where it is

Titania Netizen: it’s near the Museum


Titania Netizen: in Unter den Linden strasse

Titania Netizen: nice place

SaveMe Oh: where Michael Jackson almost dropped his child from a hotel window?

Titania Netizen: hahaha

Titania Netizen: no

Titania Netizen: Elodrado was a gay club in 1920 Berlin

SaveMe Oh: ah, no, you don’t know Michael Jackson

SaveMe Oh: he was born after

Titania Netizen: Of course I do..

Titania Netizen: 🙂

Titania Netizen: are these flowers on your arms  a tattoo?

SaveMe Oh: yes, will she eject me for that?

Titania Netizen: no

Titania Netizen: we have a tattoo studio here

Titania Netizen: and Jo will not eject you

SaveMe Oh: What a relief, or do the only tattoo you a number there?


10 seconds after publishing this I was banned from Berlin!

4 thoughts on “Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt 1920 Berlin

  1. [15:27] SaveMe Oh: Are you the obersturmbahnfuhrer?
    [15:28] max1929: are you the obersturmbahngriefer?
    [15:28] SaveMe Oh: not that I am aware of
    [15:28] max1929: you are
    [15:28] max1929: muted.
    [15:28] SaveMe Oh: I started dancing with a doll in a gayclub, is that griefing?

  2. Wow, the good people of Berlin almost got ya there, Save. It took a lot to get banned. Interestingly it was the blog that did it. And I find the blog a very good example of effective communication with our wonderful SaveMe 🙂 Oh, well, I have been there only once or twice, myself. I am a terrible role player 😀

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