Landjägerei Sucht Kollegen

For the project 1920 Berlin they search some nice new colleagues to enforce the law. People with experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Serbia are strongly encouraged to apply for a job in this magnificent force. See which nice people might be your future colleague

Polizeioberwachtmeister Danitz

I AM NOT A BOT, DO NOT IGNORE ME. I am a member of the official 1920s Berlin Project Police. It is my task to make sure people follow the rules and don’t ruin the experience for others and to help new visitors. I take my job VERY serious. Please reply to my requests or you may be ejected or banned. If you disagree with how I treat you, please contact the owner of the sim, Jo Yardley. I do NOT pretend to have ANY powers in ANY other sim then the 1920s Berlin project.

Kriminal-Obers. Sonnenkern

I am a member of the Polizei for the 1920s Berlin Project. I am NOT a bot. If I contact you please respond or you may be ejected from the sim or banned. If you feel I have treated you unfairly in any way, or wish to complain, please contact Jo Yardley who owns the sim, or my boss, Oberwachtmeister Danitz..

Wachtmeister Gellner

I am a member of the 1920s Berlin Polizei. My job is to ensure that sim rules are obeyed and tenants and visitors can enjoy an authentic 1920s experience. I am not a bot, so please do not ignore me or you risk being ejected. If you have any complaints, contact sim owner Jo Yardley or my boss, Oberwachtmeister Danitz. Sorry, I do not respond to friends requests or off topic IMs.

Final Saving 5

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