The Hidden Beauty Of Quan Lavender

She is well known as a blogger about art but how many of us are aware of the poetic building talent of this remarkable woman who was until now only noticed for wearing every day another mesh tube dress. I was allowed to have a sneak preview before the official inauguration on this incredible sim that she has created. And I don’t hesitate to describe her sim already as one of the best kept secrets in Secondlife.


The entrance to the sim is remarkable funny as there is an option to arrive at a desolate airport where you get the feeling that it’s a point of no return, where airplanes wait until they fall apart in the wet, foggy moisture that gets in every molecule.


The other entrance doesn’t give a much brighter future as two not really trustworthy noobs seem to have the order to row you to the sim while in the background the boat you came with is sinking. But when you enter the sim a bursting city of light opens up for you, but again there is a weird feeling.


Why there is nobody on the street? Is it because the cold weather and the snow?


Are we controlled by an invisible bigger force and why aren’t we allowed to go to the cinema?


And to be honest, nobody will feel secure enough to ask the real question; where is that cinema we are not allowed to go to? The biggest surprise however is when you follow the road and encounter some extraterrestrial life forms who seem trying to tell you; why staying in secondlife? Why not come with us?


Visit this breathtaking sim at Quan’s Spring Refuse Isles/196/56/22


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