Would You Trust SaveMe Oh Around Your Kids?

Some of my dear readers will call the cops, some will try to activate the international organisation for child protection, others will try to locate the little town to wipe it from the earth with a drone attack, but today I gave two online workshops to the children of a school in Rossano Veneto, Italy. As it is hopeless to change anything in the stubbornness of all the old farts in Secondlife who continue day after day to glue one prim to another I decided I would save my energy for the young generation as they might be open for the real possibilities of a virtual world.

What I was teaching them? What fun it is to wear art, to play with art and that only after an intensive hour of attaching things and wearing items you are really in the mood to finish with a nice ice-cream in the wearable Nighthawks cafe from Edward Hopper.


With attached black lines they all jumped up and down in front of a Mondriaan canvas and with shining poles attached they must have feel of digging in an artwork of Jesús Rafael Soto.


Here not the endless coucou from bored elderly people at an opening of an avatar parking or the hurted diva leaving the stage after an intrusion from somebody who would like to play too, but everybody running around like crazy to play along. There is still hope for the future. And another reason why these Italian kids were alright? When I showed them how you could glue the face of Silvio Berlusconi on a cube they all screamed: DELETE DELETE.

Want to read more, see their blog: http://artedland.eu/?p=1598 

Their experiences should be there soon!

One thought on “Would You Trust SaveMe Oh Around Your Kids?

  1. That is the way to teach to young people, I fully agree with you !
    I also read the interview on ArtedLand, and you said :
    “What is your prediction for the evolution of artistic languages ​​in SL?
    When the systems of Open Sims start to work and could be connected we could share a permanent artistic environment.”

    I m a user of opensimulator and SL, and its working quite well, Second Life and worlds running by opensimulator offer different tools for creativity, but are both really interesting. If they are not connected its only a question of politic. LL politic. Hypergrid was on in the past on SL …Politic and also question of author’s rights are the brake.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the young generation 😉

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