Almost Trapped In A Garden Show

My dear friends Kikas & Marmaduke invited me to participate on a performance on Alpha Tribe. And yesterday night we came to a great concept for the performance coming Sunday. To make this work the sim owner had only to make some adjustments…..

Alpha Auer: what do u want different?

SaveMe Oh: Ok, here we go, the stage will be in 3 parts. First part is the avatar parking

Alpha Auer: which avatars?

SaveMe Oh: the visitors

Alpha Auer: no, this is way too close to the sim border, in fact this is the sim border. They will have to land further inside otherwise it would be too dangerous, they would crash

SaveMe Oh: You can move the whole platform as you wish. What is important is the following…

SaveMe Oh: Now you have your “garden “in the middle of the platform

SaveMe Oh: We want it on one side as a backdrop

Alpha Auer: Ok you want me to move the garden? That is easy, tell me where?

SaveMe Oh: All on one border side of the platform

Alpha Auer: Further back? Like this?

SaveMe Oh: As far as possible so we have the middle part for performing

Alpha Auer: this is as far back as it will go. It is leaning right up against the back edge now. Is this good?

SaveMe Oh: We will be with 3 dolls the size like this!

Alpha Auer: I would do this inside the garden, not outside of it. It would be far more effective. My humble opinion of course.

SaveMe Oh: No it is not

SaveMe Oh: When we go inside there is too much fuzz.

Alpha Auer: Also – and this is important for me – I would like people to see the garden. Not have it be obliterated which right now it is

SaveMe Oh: We are not your garden guides

Alpha Auer: Ok, I will speak to Marma

SaveMe Oh: We do a performance, people can see before or after the garden

SaveMe Oh: We are not dolls in a garden

Alpha Auer: I can leave the garden in the back but I see no point in it. The point, as far as I was given to understand by Kikas and Marma was that the performance would be created around alpha.tribe

SaveMe Oh: All is with your textures

Alpha Auer: They came up with this idea themselves, and the whole idea was to focus on alpha.tribe

SaveMe Oh: Ok, then they have something else in mind as which we agree on yesterday

Alpha Auer: So what I think would be better is to not to shove the garden in the background but instead to cover it. To perform “inside” it so that the garden and the performance become one thing, a whole. The textures alone don’t do it. It becomes a completely separate thing

SaveMe Oh: Ok, count me out! Bye.

Alpha Auer: And the garden might as well not be there at all.

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