Pirats Art Kahos Makes Quan Lavender Puke

Behind banlines on the Pirats Art Kahos sim I met Quan Lavender with a strange green expression on her face. She looked ill.

Quan Lavender: Hi, why aren’t you banned here?

SaveMe Oh: I am banned

Quan Lavender: ???

SaveMe Oh: the banline is just behind you

Quan Lavender: crazy

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: I am allowed to watch, but not to enter

Quan Lavender: You can be glad, so much great art to see 😉

SaveMe Oh: You really think so? It’s one off the worst things I have seen recently

Quan Lavender: Yes, I miss a concept. Chaos does not work for me as a concept.

SaveMe Oh: I give you the PIRATS concept again. “Everything is done to make the owners Newbab and Merlina look more important” Thats their concept!

Quan Lavender: Ah noo, I don’t see that.

SaveMe Oh: And its not chaos, its controlled completely by those two

Quan Lavender: I think everyone is free to build what he wants

SaveMe Oh: I agree

Quan Lavender: You make some people more important then they are

SaveMe Oh: They do that themsleves already for a long time. And their ideas never work as they always put themselves in the middle

Quan Lavender: Sometimes ideas on art work, sometimes not. At least they do something, complaining is easy.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you are not allowed to complain

SaveMe Oh: I am

SaveMe Oh: As I do something

Quan Lavender: I am free to say whatever I want and I do as you know

SaveMe Oh: Yes you are. But what you do? Not much.

Quan Lavender: But really, it is no fun for me to invest much energy in works that I don’t find interesting

SaveMe Oh: That I can undertstand so my advice is not to invest any energy in this.

Quan Lavender: thanks 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Unless you dare to point out an increddible bullshit. But you don’t dare those things, I know.

Quan Lavender: Oh no, there is much more worse to see

SaveMe Oh: I know, but that was not the discussion

Quan Lavender: But what to discuss here? The artists here are people whose work I like. It is just not interesting here. But on the other hand it does not harm or annoy anyone.

Quan Lavender: So what to write about? To me it is just not interesting.

Quan Lavender: And now, if you will excuse me, I jump back home, as I feel a major puke coming. Bye!

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