Da Doo Dada Of The Flying Teapot

It was not possible to remove Alpha Auer’s garden a little to the back to create a space for a nice performance that would have made a perfect connection with the textures she had already used. She thought it was more important for the visitor to see her garden and to find an easy way to all the gifts of Alphatribe as if everybody is dying to have one of these gifts.

After I did not found a way to agree with my friends Kikas & Marma how to tackle this behaviour of the simowner, as Kikas & Marma could live with an evening with “just having fun”, I decided not to perform at all. And it was a good decision as what I already feared happened in an instance. All avatars who think they are hip and very DADA to be dress up like a lamppost, flying teapot or rabbit with a portable kindergarten attached landed in the middle of a disco where the cheerleader of duty showed them the shortest way to the danceball. In this pseudo art sim where celebrating carnival together instead of being witness of a performance nobody was paying any attention to the desperate attempts of Kikas & Marma to wear some sense, or it must be the Pic-reporters who think it is their duty to fill up facebook with 50 photographs after every event. You better don’t ask those people of the content of the pics they made, they would have no idea, but they are masters of tagging, nobody tags better than them.

In the end it was a gathering of old cat ladies who found some time between two feeding sessions of their cats to wear something weird; “Oh honey, look at me, I am flushing my neon skeleton in Duchamps urinoir”.

It is sad to see that an event that should be mind-popping major craziness was just a cheap market place with attached disco were the performers were reduced to clowns who had to do their best to keep the visitors as long as possible in the shop and make sure nobody would leave without some items.

A music stream was not possible so what did the hippo with the birds face and the space shuttle with the pearl earring? They danced until their pic was taken for facebook.

How else it went on Odyssey at the same time. A few pioneers tried out a hud that opens up your webcam which makes it possible that you move directly your avatar in distorted movements and interact with others in a real mind-popping major craziness. The streams crashed, the hud’s were not perfect yet, but boy, what a new possibilities. One warning, this is not for the elderly cat ladies, as they have to feed their cats, post their pics on facebook and let their avatar fly around as a teapot, all at the same time.


6 thoughts on “Da Doo Dada Of The Flying Teapot

  1. The only real and original elderly Cat (Shilova) lady did not stay more than 5 minutes. And was not disguised as a teapot, flying or not. And given this lady’s fame, those 5 minutes were plenty enough for the paparazzis to get her pic for Facebook.
    So I feel now very sorry that we could not meet there, we could have talked about our respective cats. This could have been (at least) really funny.
    (No animal was armed in the making of this comment).

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