Disclaimer For The Future

When by chance I do a performance in your sim and in that act I cover up unintentionally one of your shops, buildings, primglued artworks or attempts of also rezzing something worthwhile, I, as a performer, am not responsible for this.

When during a performance of me the sim fills up quick and the limitation of the system prevents late comers to enter or participate, fuck these visitors and let them buy a better watch.

When by coincidence I perform on a homestead and almost nobody can enter, consider yourself a lucky bastard when you arrived early.

When a simowner starts to panic when already 1000 visitors announced they will come to a performance of me, the simowner should not take it personal when I tell her she is an idiot and the system itself will take care in handling this problem.

When I agreed on a performance platform for a performance I demand a performance platform and not a forest with mountains, trees, sheep and primglued signposts. When in that case I intentionally cover up your shit it is the responsibility of the simowner.

When I become aware that the invitation for me to perform is nothing else then a hidden marketing trick to sell the goods of a simowner I take the right to behave as if I am at home (at home I am a disaster)

When you didn’t invite me to perform during an event and I start anyway to perform, don’t take it personal but more as a coincidence that your event just appeared at the same time in my screen when I was just getting in the mood to perform.

When I don’t perform on an event where everybody is expecting me to start with my usual stuff in any second, consider yourself inside my inner circle. This doesn’t mean you are locked up there forever. Circles can be broken.

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