Inside Without Licking

Without licking Solo Mornington’s ass or cleaning the sheep shit from between Bryn Oh’s toes I succeed to enter in the heart of LEA even while those two dictators keep me already for more than a year banned from LEA 1-6.


It was brilliant the way I turn Vaneeesa Blaylock failed and boring LEA 11 disaster into an art masterpiece. She thought all she had to do is make a few posters and that would do the trick to use the fame of SaveMe Oh to attract the masses but 2 hours before she opened her SMO10b event I occupied the sim, cleaned out my inventory on holy LEA grounds without ever appearing for their corrupt land-grant jury’s and start really attracting the masses. Saturday 25 may 2013 was a historic SaveMe Oh event with ongoing activities for hours and hours. Ush Underwood running behind Mikati Slade on the “road to you” trying to pursuit her with Zen tactics to explore the inside of her Honda Jazz from which she is sure that the inside is bigger than the outside, Ampel Goosson playing a 69 trick on the dusty crops of Vaneeesa Blaylock with unshaved Ed Vespucciano waiting for his turn. Cat Shilova playing the Cat Duet from Rossini on my Dead Cat Singing installation so loud that Iono Allen wanted to hide forever in his German Bed. Betty Omo Tureaud pinned on the only place she belongs, the “Broken Wings” butterfly box.


And the festivities have not ended yet, tonight the GREAT LICKING EVERY ASS museum will open its doors that it doesn’t have, who needs fucking doors in a virtual world????


With all fine artworks of SaveMe Oh, but when you feel the need to glue your prims over it, go ahead as the fact that every shit is permitted in LEA goes also for LEA 11. Eat your heart out. Just as I eat out the heart of the LEA Dictatorship.

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